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Professional comic book certification from CGC offers you countless benefits. We have established a trusted grading standard that makes comic book transactions safer and more transparent. Every CGC-certified book is encapsulated within our attractive, durable, and tamper-evident holder which utilizes cutting edge technology to provide the best protection for your books. Front and top labels display comprehensive information about your book and its grade. Plus, your CGC-certified books are eligible for inclusion in the Comics Registry.

But did you know that you can submit your comics directly to CGC for grading? Read on to learn how, and to discover more about our policies and procedures for submitting.

Submit Your Books to CGC for Grading

We respect and understand your passion for your collection. That's why CGC provides a number of ways for you to submit your books. Choose the method that is the most convenient for you, and know that whichever you choose, your books are in the most qualified, trustworthy hands in the business.
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Services & Fees

Different collectors have different submission needs — and that's why CGC offers a full range of submission services. Choose the level that's right for you, based on your desired turnaround time, specific services, book types, and other factors. We even offer same-day grading and encapsulation!
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Pre-screen Service

When submitting a larger number of comic books in a single submission for either Economy or Modern tier, take advantage of our Pre-screen Service. By requesting Pre-Screen Service and specifying a minimum grade on your invoice, you will be charged grading fees only for the comic books that meet or exceed your specified minimum grade.
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Comics We Grade

Before submitting, it's a good idea to make certain that our services can accommodate the types of books you have. While our capabilities cover nearly all types, there are a few that we cannot certify or encapsulate. We recommend that you take a look at our notes on certification before beginning the submission process.
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Shipping Your Books

When you choose to ship your books to CGC for submission, we take great care to receive and document them with the utmost precision. To ensure the safest and quickest submission process, we've prepared a number of tips and guidelines. Please read through them before shipping your books.
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Written Guarantee

At CGC, we take great pride in the confidence that collectors have in us and our services. And we understand the tremendous responsibility placed upon us with each submission. Our service guarantee details the legal extents and limitations of this responsibility, and we highly recommend familiarizing yourself with these terms before submission.
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