History — Why Are We Here?

A Proven Standard of Integrity

To best serve the needs of the comics hobby, CGC has made a commitment to meeting or exceeding the market's unique requirements while also applying its management's experience and reputation for integrity in certification. CGC employees are not allowed to engage in the commercial buying or selling of comics. In this way, CGC can remain completely impartial, having no vested interest other than a commitment to serving clients through accurate and consistent grading.

Each comic book will be graded by professional graders according to CGC standards, in a way that preserves the integrity, quality, and confidentiality of the grading process. CGC's attractive and durable tamper-evident holder utilizes cutting-edge technologies to provide the best protection for your books. The holder is slim and lightweight, making for easy storage and transportation. Its front and top labels display comprehensive information about the book and its grade. The holder allows clear viewing from the outside as well as a safe opening mechanism for easy access to the book if the owner decides to break the seals and invalidate the certification.

A Commitment to Hobby Enrichment

Our commitment is to enhance the experience of an expanding number of comics collectors for decades to come. To accomplish this, CGC will work diligently toward these goals:

To Build Trust... by increasing the confidence of collectors and new market participants in the integrity, impartiality, professionalism, and consistency of CGC certification.

To Build the Advantage of Expertise... by establishing a grading standard the knowledgeable collector or dealer can continue to trade and submit books for certification successfully while the novice can purchase their favorite books with confidence. The implicit advantages in hobby knowledge will encourage collectors of all levels to explore the hobby and increase their expertise.

To Build Consensus... around a CGC grading standard that reflects broad market standards based on wide research and input from collectors and dealers nationwide, so that confidence in trading comic books of all types and values is greatly increased.

To Build Advantages for the Collector... by revealing the unique characteristics of each book we grade, so that a more informed buyer can confidently pay as much as he believes the book to be worth to his collection.

To Build Interest... in the collecting public whose novice interest can be expanded safely and enjoyably by purchasing certified comics for their collection.

CGC is committed to...

  • Listening to professionals, collectors and industry experts throughout the company's initial stages and growth and into the future...
  • Remain consistent to our market standard for grading...
  • Remain committed to expert restoration detection...
  • Offer all of these services at a reasonable price that represents an exceptional opportunity for the collector and dealer...
  • Offer all of these services with the brand of CCG professionalism that breeds trust and respect throughout the comics hobby.
When your comics are graded by CGC, you can trust that the highest level of professionalism, impartiality, and consistency will be applied to every comic, everyday.

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