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  1. Well, on a hot day, I unboxed just a few Signature CGC slabs.  From the modern series of Powergirl which lasted 27 issues from 2009 to 2011.  


  2. Hello, friends!

    I'm hard at work on The Crimebusters #3, so I thought I would share a sneak preview up the upcoming issue. Here's the first three pages. The forums here are compressing them slightly, so they look a tetch fuzzy, but don't worry, they are crisp and clear in real life.





  3. john ivic
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    My recent auction win from last month. This puts me in a tie for first place in the Jerry Lewis registry set.


  4. So here we are at number one! It was kinda tricky to dig through the memory of the past 15 years and pick out the highlights. There are loads more but most were quick ebay buys and flips or lots on ebay where I maybe made a tiny bit and kept some random issues. I tried to showcase more interesting books and finds that resonated with me in some way. But, enough chatter...time for numero uno!

    I wish this one had a bit better story but because it was a find and I consider it one of my prized possessions, it takes top spot. Apologies as I have told the tale before but here goes. This was a very early Ebay buy for me, around when I first got my own account. I wanted to get all of the drug-related non-code approved issues of ASM and started with issue #97. I found a copy online and because the seller did not put much info, I just double checked that the book was complete with no coupons cut or anything missing. He replied saying it was complete but that someone had written a name on the inside cover. I was like "hmm, well I could maybe keep looking" but for whatever reason I asked what the name said. His response was that it read "Gil Kane". He did not send pictures or anything and I thought surely this was some kid writing Gil's name in the book. At any rate, I made an offer anyways, the seller accepted and the book was sent to me. I still remember the excitement opening it to this day...and seeing the below signature on the inside page.


    I am convinced it is Gil's. Even if it isn't, it is staying with me forever anyways. At the time, Kane's art on Spidey and other Marvel titles was some of my favourite and still is. it was also the first signed comic I ever received. 

    Fast forward to 2016 and the year I got married. Some coworkers wanted to get me a wedding present. One of them was going down to the Toronto Fan Expo and Stan Lee was there. He knew I loved comics and offered to take a book down for me to have signed (I also helped him acquire a copy of Dr Strange 182 which had his two fav characters on the cover and his wife a copy of Inhumans 1 from the Secret Invasion arc as that was her favourite character). I could not attend because my wedding and honeymoon were obviously priority that year. So immediately I knew what book I wanted to have signed by Stan. And here it is on the front.


    This book stands for a lot. A great score, my first signed comic, the first comic I had signed (or sent to be signed) by someone, it contains Spidey, may favourite character and is part of a great little bit of comics history having no comics code stamp on it. The trifecta would be to have John Romita sign it, I just have not gotten around to that but I need to. Overall, I am so happy I have it. It will always be the book I am most proud to own and even though I have had bigger monetary scores, it stands out amongst anything else I have added to the collection. 

  5. Just wanted to mention I received an email from Jeff Harper that the July 19th Buckeye Comic Con ( Columbus, Ohio) is still on. He did say bring a mask. He also mentioned that the Akron-Canton Con which is another of his shows on July 12th  is cancelled. I posted a picture of two recent pick ups. A Journey into Mystery 103 and a Thor 191.  The 103 completes my JIM CGC set . The Thor 191 was a recent online dealer purchase I have been watching for like a year. I decided to buy it after I saw a same graded copy sell for $308 from an actual live bidding auction online. The listed price was $175 on the site I had been watching.  Usually auctions are better but sometimes they are not.



  6. I have been building up my collection with what I thought was slowly but surely lol. I really did lie to myself! And I thought by the numbers that I could make lots of money selling slabs from a collection...enough to completely pay for the collection and remodel the office to the ultimate nerd display room. So far here is what has really happened....

    As I went through finding books to have graded it occurred to me that I could press my own books and save a TON of money. So I put about $250 into the pressing setup and saved TONS of money. But the counter to that has been the time it takes to prep and press.

    In a group I follow in Discord they discussed cold pressing books. So I figured hey I can do this! I can save time and money! So I spent another $250 and built a cold press to kick out 6 books at a time. Again saving TONS of money, and kicking up the output. But now instead of going in and spending 5 minutes to heat up the press and spot check all the sheets before inserting them into the book then the I'm in my office for a little over an hour to get 6 books out at once. 

    I get excited about learning new things. Well that is when a friend asked if I could press a book or two for him. I pressed and slabbed them at my cost. And bumped the grade significantly on both books. And that couple went up and up. And another friend heard I was pressing, then another, and one point I had to tell them "no more for the next month" so I could try to kick out 75 of my own books. At this point my shipments to CGC are shifting from mostly my mostly other peoples books.

    Now this has seemingly taken on a life of its own. I'm not making any money off this at all. And now its turning from a fun thing to challenge myself with, to a choir. :( Had one person yesterday ask from one of my groups if they could send me 25 books. A guy another town over drove the hour and a half last week to my house and dropped off 10 books to be pressed and slabbed. He saw the results on that and let me know he was setting aside more for me to press and send. Another sent me a Tomb of Dracula 10 to press and clean, that one I'm excited about. And my first friend that I pressed books for dropped off 50 books on my doorstep last night :( 

    I don't feel like i should really price myself out of oblivion. I added an extra $2 on to my modern pressing prices to at least put a few dollars in my own pocket. And added a few extra bucks to older books only because I will spend WAY more time cleaning them carefully. Kind of feeling like i need to be real up front with these people that I'm not making anything compared to the time spent and to softly encourage tips past the press and slab costs. Not sure if people will do that or not. For something like slabbing that already costs a bit to do I don't how people would perceive that. Everyone always says "$4 for shipping...per book?" not realizing that there is a ton of packaging and shipping costs associated with sending packages to literally the other side of the country. I'm peeking right now at close to 100 books graded a month. The sticker shock is not there for me anymore. I like to help people out, and I love seeing all these amazing books. But I don't want to burn myself out doing something that has helped me in paying for the hobby.

    Seems that it is time to really sit down and figure out what time I'm willing to commit to pressing my books...and doing those for others. To boot I just started up my last Semester of College to finish up my bachelors. Time to make time for me. 

    Thanks for reading my rant....oh and in the last 3 months I almost finished my Daredevil full run...just have the issue 1 to go!

  7. Tnerb
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    The New Mutants

    As it was with collecting comic books, it was the New Mutants that drew me into the grading community. I was new and naive. I did not get the small intricacies between a 9.8 and a 9.6. I didn’t realize what a trimmed cover was or how you could tell if a book was restored, But over the years I have learned that as much as I have learned there is still so much more to absorb.


    I met Bagofleas through the registry, as I did others, but it was the New Mutants set that I desired to have a complete run of. It wasn’t as complete as it is now. There was only one slot for a Marvel Graphic Novel. The point system was not high…only 25 for a 9.8 in most of the books. I looked over what was the number one set and decided I wanted to be there. Eventually I made it…and lost it again.


    I reclaimed the spot, but never during a time when the awards were to be handed out again. Money got tighter and the desire and ability to get the whole set in a 9.8 changed to getting the whole set in a 9.8 signed and then wained. Eventually to find happiness again my collecting goals changed. I still wanted the best New Mutants set, but I wasn’t actively seeking the books I needed…and then when I found them, a lack of grade or lack of money stopped me.


    As I worked on two custom sets earlier this year, I decided to check back to my favorite set and noticed I was no longer number one, but neither was bagofleas…a new upstart has taken over the number one spot although it was obscured I knew he completed what I hoped to one day do…and I knew he had what I was searching for…that vaunted copy of New Mutants 58 in a 9.8.


    Twice this set has received notable honors. Once by myself in 2012 for the Best Copper Age set. Once by Bagofleas in 2014 for the The Best Presentation and I can only hope that 2020 the underrated under-pointed New Mutants (1983) set will once again belong to a top rated set contender…NashVegas13. If I ever had a crown for this set, I hand it off to you. Well Done…Well done!

  8. dknight76

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    Like to create a La Pieta set with comics like these:  I think this is a very interesting list.  I am sure there are tons of others that I am missing.

    1.) Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #128 (Superman holding Lois)

    2.) Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #102 (Superman holding Lois)

    3.) Batman Vol 1 #613 (Batman holding Catwoman)

    4.) The Brave and the Bold #105 (Batman holding Wonder Woman)

    5.) Detective Comics Vol 1 #569 (Joker holding Catwoman)

    6.) Detective Comics Vol 1 #850 (Batman holding Catwoman)

    7.) Superman Vol 2 #210 (Wonder Woman holding Superman)

    8.) Crisis on Infinite Earths #7 (Superman holding Supergirl)



  9. When I heard about this, I was more expecting something in the comic.   A tv in the background with a slightly blurry Rick's hair, and lab coat.   But is it 'meta', the cartoon show, cartoon show characters watch?





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    In my constant tug of war between what kind of collection I want and what kind of collection I can afford, I took some steps toward upgrading my Adam Warlock Key Set today. I found a very nice Strange Tales 181 that is autographed by Jim Starlin at an 8.0 rating. I'm pleased because I just came up with this idea that I don't want to go below VF for any Bronze Age issues and I found it on eBay for a reasonable price. I'm still waiting on two more Strange Tales titles (178 and 179) that I just won on ComicLink last week to add to my set, though. 

    When I first got into collecting slabbed comics, I truly thought that I would just pick up X-Men titles or anything having to do with my favorite X-Man, Gambit. But, over the last year, I've experienced a slight shift that has me looking more closely at Bronze Age titles as well as some Silver Age. Since I came of age during the Bronze Age, this is right up my alley collecting-wise. Could be dangerous, though...




  10. I decided to part with 15 books in my Justice League (2011) set which has held the #1 spot on the Registry for many years.

    2 sold, the 13 currently available are all CGC 9.8; all but 1 contain Jim Lee art. Many are of the few highest graded Signature Series- those are signed by the respective cover artists which include David Finch, Greg Capullo, Ivan Reis, Jim Lee, Scott Williams, and an ultra-cool colored cover by Alex Sinclair.

    The first 2 issues listed below sold in ComicLink’s March auction, the rest of the 13 issues are still available and listed in ComicLink’s April auction, ENDING TONIGHT - Tuesday, April 28:

    1. Justice League (2011) #1 Fifth Printing CGC 9.4 White Pages HAND-COLORED & SIGNED BY ALEX SINCLAIR, SIGNED BY JIM LEE & SCOTT WILLIAMS. This is amazing - all 7 characters (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern, and Cyborg are all Hand-Colored by the original colorist of the issue, the one-and-only Alex Sinclair, on issue which was printed as the inked black and white version of the classic cover (penciled by Jim Lee, inked by Scott Williams). Actual cover is shown in cover pic of this Journal entry.

    2. Justice League (2011) #15 Jim Lee Variant Cover CGC 9.8 White Pages.

    3. Justice League (2011) #1 Variant Cover CGC 9.8 White Pages SIGNATURE SERIES (Signed by David Finch. HIGHEST GRADED).

    4. Justice League (2011) #1 Sketch Cover CGC 9.8 White Pages SIGNATURE SERIES (Signed by David Finch. HIGHEST GRADED).

    5. Justice League (2011) #1 Fourth Printing CGC 9.8 White Pages SIGNATURE SERIES (Signed by Ivan Reis. 1 of 9 HIGHEST GRADED).

    6. Justice League (2011) #1 Seventh Printing CGC 9.8 White Pages SIGNATURE SERIES (Signed by Ivan Reis. 1 of 6 HIGHEST GRADED).

    7. Justice League (2011) #2 Variant Cover CGC 9.8 White Pages SIGNATURE SERIES (Signed by Ivan Reis. HIGHEST GRADED). 

    8. Justice League (2011) #3 Variant Cover CGC 9.8 White Pages SIGNATURE SERIES (Signed by Greg Capullo. HIGHEST GRADED).

    9. Justice League (2011) #4 Variant Cover CGC 9.8 White Pages (Andy Kubert Cover. HIGHEST GRADED).

    10. Justice League (2011) #7 Variant Cover CGC 9.8 White Pages (1 of 13 HIGHEST GRADED).

    11. Justice League (2011) #8 Variant Cover CGC 9.8 White Pages (1 of 10 HIGHEST GRADED).

    12. Justice League (2011) #9 Variant Cover CGC 9.8 White Pages (1 of 5 HIGHEST GRADED).

    13. Justice League (2011) #10 Variant Cover CGC 9.8 White Pages (1 of 8 HIGHEST GRADED).

    14. Justice League (2011) #11 Variant Cover CGC 9.8 White Pages (1 of 7 HIGHEST GRADED).

    15. Justice League (2011) #18 Sketch Cover CGC 9.8 White Pages.


    Good luck if you decide to bid!

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    Coming soon!

    A new journo about my Covid-19 'I made a thing' and how I I'm going to spend my stimulus money on sneakers and try and sell a pair for $3k within one year.

    I kinda want to try this... I've got a bit of time, I've got the feels RE writing / learning a new collectible field on the fly so here goes! 

    Maybe I can get the lady to write on influencer culture in the time of Covid-19. 

  11. It's been almost three years since I completed my set of 33 DC Bicentennial Comics but I wanted a challenge and a better set, all CGC 9.8 with White Pages.

    Just before I got the last comic for the set, I was able to swap out a couple of issues with newer CGC 9.8 WP (Detective Comics and Justice League Of America). And, after completing the set, I was able to pick up four more CGC 9.8 comics (Claw, Our Fighting Forces, Richard Dragon, and Our Army At War).

    The net result is six more CGC 9.8 comics, albeit one at OW/WP quality and +505 points for the set (I finally broke the 3,000 mark!) My total is now 16 x 9.8s, 6 x 9.6s, 7 x 9.4s, 1 x 9.2, and 3 x 9.0s :bigsmile:

    There are two CGC 9.8 issues listed on eBay that I would love to get but the sellers are asking way too much so I'll just have to wait.


  12. A lot of time has passed since my last entries.  At this point, I'm still collecting, but I'm focusing on "stuff" that seems to have a whole lot of bang for the buck.

    I'm going after Conan's done by Smith in 9.0 or better.  Eventually, the keys will be slabbed, but the rest will live out their lives in raw condition in some top-notch mylars and good quality backboards.

    I'm very passively going after Iron Fist as I run across them in high grade raw.

    I'm also going after some golden age.  Nothing earth shattering, but books that I can get a good deal on that seem very interesting for a less-than-$200 price tag.

    Lastly, I've moved heavily into paperback books.  I just posted this elsewhere, but check out this cover!  I love these, and their (still) cheap!


    flying saucers.jpg

  13. Hollywood

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    I grew up in a small town in South Western Ontario, my friends and I used to do all sorts of activities from tunnel ratting through drainage pipes to good old fashioned street hockey, but what we really liked to do was collect.

        We started collecting sports cards  around the summer of 1987 and comics a few years later.

       If I recollect correctly, the first comic book I had was Batman Annual 14 with TwoFace on the cover.

       Sadly, over the years My friends and I drifted apart, though I continued collecting.

        Mostly my collection was focused on raws, that as a kid I thought would be quite valuable.

         Around the age of 14 things in my life began getting quite chaotic. I found myself getting into fights at school and eventually put into group homes until I was 18. Subsequently, my collecting took a hiatus.

        Once I was 18 I was removed from the group home and thrust into the streets to fend for myself. Without much of an education or direction in life, I turned to substance abuse, which in turn I got in quite a few fights.

        Eventually, I found myself at an alcohol rehabilitation clinic called "Brentwood". This is in the city of Windsor, where during my free time from programs I was able to resume my collecting activities.

       I began to accumulate a rather large collection of books that interested in, but didn't really hold alot of value, Spawn run, Maximum Carnage run, Knightfall run and stuff like that.

       Eventually I returned to Alcoholism and as the years rolled by, collecting drifted off into a distant memory.

       It wasn't until the late winter of 2018 that I resumed my hobby.

        I live in Toronto Ontario now, and the first shop I ventured into was "The Beguiling" on College St. This particular stores primary interest is providing the comic community with affordable raws at reasonable prices.

       The first books I purchased were Wolverine 1 (ongoing series) X-Factor 6 (first appearance of Apocalypse) and Punisher 1 (ongoing series).

     I hadn't even heard much about slabbed comics until a couple months later when I joined the forums and attended my first comic show in February.

      I'm a big fan of the dexterity of Supervillains, especially Carnage who I find is a conflicted soul, much like myself (lol).

        The first slabbed comic I bought was an Amazing Spider-Man 361 in 9.4 grade. I have no doubt in terms of fair market value that I overpaid considerably, but I was happy.

        Over the past year and a half I have accumulated a pretty decent collection and being a member of these boards I have had an opportunity to meet and interact with some pretty awesome people.

       I know we are all going through some tough times right now with the Covid19 Pandemic, but I can see that it has strengthened this community in ways I don't think any of us could have imagined.

      As I continue to collect, I've amassed a list of books I have really wanted and have eventually acquired, including New Mutants 98 and Amazing Spider-Man 300 (my two personal favorites). I have also fluctuated between collecting first appearances of key supervillains in both the DC and Marvel Universe such as Darkseid and of course Carnage. 

         In the past year and a half, my interests have shifted from modern to bronze and even silver age books.

      I have mostly directed my attention and finances to slabbed comic books, as I am not a professional grader and have really failed in alot of my submissions.

       In regards to slabs, I like to garner my finances into accumulating 9.8s, which I have amassed quite a few since I really began taking comic collecting seriously.

       My greatest purchase in my opinion, and despite my friend's protests has been Amazing Spider-Man 300 9.8.

      Now I know people will say "Why did you buy such an expensive book that is common as dirt?"

        Well, that is the mystery of that book, isn't it? How can one of the most graded books in the registry maintain such longevity and value? Too me I find it fascinating and in terms of strength of character (not monetary) it is one of the most valuable books available, and I imagine would be far more expensive if only 2000 copies were graded, and not 20,000.

       Thanks for listening....and happy hunting!



  14. The INCREDIBLE HULK #144 - Too many cooks!


    I bought this beat up copy for $4


    Herb Trimpe did the cover for this (I really like Herb's run of covers on this book) but this is actually Part 2 of a two part story that Ayers and John Severin did the art on. John Severin is one of the few thin line inkers that I really like.


    For some reason it took two people to write this, Roy Thomas and Mike Friedrich are credited, this just a couple of issues after Harlen Ellison did a guest-written issue. This is right as Roy was getting ready to transition into the Editor-In-Chief role, so I suspect he had his hands full at the time.


    Also thought it was interesting how in the 'Incredible Herb Trimpe' Book released after the artists' death, Roy talked about how many times, he gave Herb just a small bit of information and he'd put the whole story together. Those artists' did a lot more work than they get credit for.


    So this story took two writers and two artists and the rest of the team...




    (The INCREDIBLE HULK #144 - cover dated October 1971, on newsstands July 13th, 1971 with cover art by Herb Trimpe and inks by John Severin)



    The Incredible Hulk seems like the type of comic that works perfectly as a month to month, as opposed to a long form story, but even back then they had continued stories - this one starting in the issue before. In it, Bruce Banner is taken away by Doom to be brainwashed and work on a Gamma Bomb for him...




    (The INCREDIBLE HULK #144 - cover dated October 1971, on newsstands July 13th, 1971 with art by Ayers and John Severin)



    But love gets in the way. Comics loved this type of thing back then... the all powerful bad guy who's all bent out of shape because of a woman. It doesn't really fit Dr. Doom, but these comic books were always pretty limited in their storytelling.




    (The INCREDIBLE HULK #144 - cover dated October 1971, on newsstands July 13th, 1971 with art by Ayers and John Severin)



    It's funny how I have as much nostalgia for these ad pages as I do the comics they appear in! I always wanted to get this stuff, but for me, I guess sending $1 off in the mail was too much work at 12 years of age!




    (The INCREDIBLE HULK #144 - cover dated October 1971, on newsstands July 13th, 1971)



    I'm guessing the Comics Code Authority assumed Doom meant that in a figurative way...




    (The INCREDIBLE HULK #144 - cover dated October 1971, on newsstands July 13th, 1971 with art by Ayers and John Severin)


    The Hulk ends up not too happy he's been a part of some brain wash scheme, and comes as close to hand-to-hand ending the life of Doctor Doom as I can ever remember. But he also has this pensive moment, which in hindsight looks especially weird...




    (The INCREDIBLE HULK #144 - cover dated October 1971, on newsstands July 13th, 1971 with art by Ayers and John Severin)


    Here in the Hulk's mailbag, (Roy?) address' the Comics Code Drug issues done in the Amazing Spider-man. They even make appearances in each others mail bags!




    (The INCREDIBLE HULK #144 - cover dated October 1971, on newsstands July 13th, 1971)











  15. January 2019

    All-American Men of War #128 ($45.00 + shipping = $49.60)


    February 2019

    All-American Men of War #5 ($9.99 + shipping = $14.49)


    Battle #25 ($6.00 + shipping = $9.95)


    March 2019

    All-American Men of War #2 ($25.00 + shipping = $28.95)


    All-American Men of War #6 ($32.00)


    June 2019

    Frontline Combat #5 ($70.00)


    Battle Stories #4 + U.S. Marines in Action #2 + Battle Action #12 + Combat Casey #10 + All-American Men of War #4 ($25.00 + shipping = $32.45)


    All-American Men of War #127 ($78.00 + shipping = $85.95)


    August 2019

    All-American Men of War #18 ($37.00 + shipping = $43.00)


    Battlefront #9 ($9.00)


    December 2019

    Battlefront #8 ($5.00)


    Our Army at War #21 ($30.00) + Wings Comics #124 ($20.00) + Combat Casey #20 ($20.00) = $70


    Man Comics #14 ($15.00)


    Total amount spent on war comics in 2019 = $465.39

    63.2% were eBay purchases

    36.8% were bought locally

    None are for sale! :insane:

  16. They finally released a TPB of the Detective Comics run bridging the gap between issues #993 and #1000. Once upon a time, I intended on collecting all of the single issues for the Rebirth of this DC title (ditto for Action Comics).

    As a designer, I also created a Captain America shield range target. It's noice. Gonna hit some today at lunch.

    I'm tired.

  17. bane
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    Face 2 Face - Drama, Netflix                             Frost/Nixon - True Story, NowTV

    Family Blood - Horror, Netflix                             Fruitvale Station - True Story, Netflix 

    Family, The - Comedy, Action, Netflix                Fundamentals of Caring - Drama, Netflix 

    Fast Color - Sci-fi, Netflix                                   Funhouse, The - Horror

    Father of the Year - Comedy, Netflix                 Funhouse Massacre, The - Horror, Netflix 

    Fear of 13 - Documentary, Netflix                      Funny People - Comedy, Netflix 

    Feedback - Drama, NowTV

    Fighting - Drama, Netflix 

    Fever - Thriller, NowTV

    Fighting With My Family - True Story, Netflix 

    Filth - Black Comedy, Drama, NowTV

    Final Destination 5 - Supernatural, Netflix 

    Final Score - Action, NowTV

    Fire in Paradise - Documentary, Netflix 

    First Man - True Story, NowTV

    First Match - Drama, Netflix 

    First Sunday - Comedy, Netflix 

    First Reformed - Drama, NowTV

    FirstBorn - Supernatural, Netflix 

    Fish Don't Blink - Comedy, Netflix 

    Fist Fight - Comedy, Netflix 

    Five Easy Pieces - Drama, NowTV

    Five Nights in Maine - Drama, Netflix 

    Flatliners - Sci-fi, Netflix 

    Fled - Action, Netflix 

    Fletch - Comedy, NowTV

    First Kill - Action

    For The Love of Spock - Documentary, Netflix 

    Forbidden Games: The Justin Fashnau Story - Documentary, Netflix 

    Force, The - Documentary, Netflix 

    Foreigner, The - Action, Netflix 

    Forever Chape - Documentary, Netflix 

    Foxy Brown - Action, Netflix 

    Fractured - Psychological Drama, Netflix 

    Frank and Cindy - Documentary, Netflix 

    Fred - Documentary, Netflix 

    Friday Night Lights - Sports, Drama, Netflix 

    Friends With Benefits - Comedy, Netflix 

    Fright Fest - Horror, NowTV


    The third act of the Death and Return of Superman saga. Beginning with Adventures of Superman #500 (June 1993) four men appear bearing the Superman emblem, but is anyone of them Superman resurrected?


    Each creative team for the four Superman titles had their own ideas on how Superman could return. The editorial decision at the time was to use all four ideas, with four very different Supermen appearing in Metropolis. 



    The Four Supermen:

                                  The Last Son of Krypton               The Man of Steel                   The Man of Tomorrow                          The Boy


    These books are a pain to collect graded, eBay auctions can end with a bargain or a pricey bidding war.

    My collection thus far:







  19. Greetings, 

    As of 01.01.20, Spectacular Spider-Man #001 - #263 + Annuals, + 35 Cent Variants is complete. The goal is a complete set in CGC 9.8 or better. I sold off most of my comics and it took about one year to finish it.  The final three books have been submitted for grading with CGC. With the set complete I am still hunting 21 Books in 9.8 Condition to upgrade lower grades in the set. This includes the 35 Cent Variants. If anyone happens to have time to check out my Spectacular Spider-Man "Nuff Said" series, please let me know if you have any potential issues that you can help me with. I am always grateful for the help! 


    Brian W.



    I also included a photo of my favorite book in the collection... it is an EXTREMELY RARE, CGC Graded 9.8 Signature Series Yellow Label with Signatures from the late great Stan "The Man" Lee, the late Mike Esposito, and Sal Buscema, and John Romita. This is the year I will ship this copy to Gerry Conway to get the 5th Signature to complete it. I pray it stays 9.8 Grade, stay tuned! 

  20. Jimmers

    Love me the oversized,the thicc,gimme some big page love!And when it's a Dell price variant..oh,baby


    Can't say I love the journal format though.Not a fan

  21. Obie's Journal

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    In this journal I shall post about my Spider-Man #252's and my quest to obtain more. 

    I bought my first one about two weeks before my birthday last year, and now I have about 13-14 copies. 

    I have just received my first Spider-Man #252 CGC 9.4, which was a personal grail for me. It is my second graded copy, the other being a 8.5 I may have overpaid for. 

    I'll try to post some pictures of the other copies. 

    Also, if anyone has any Spider-Man #252's you would like to unload for a (hopefully) good price, let me know.