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    2019 was a good year for my collection. The overall market prices retreated, but my collection grew considerably. My personal collection hit the 4k mark by the end of the summer. I picked up every first appearance and event for the Bizarro world. I finished out a full run of the third volume of Green Lantern. Knocked out 2/3 of my daredevil  vol 1 run. Picked up a 14k book collection that ranged from mid 1980s to mid 2010s. Sent 100 books to CGC. Went to two Comic Cons. Started a instagram channel and grew it to 700 followers. Started a comic book website (still working on it). And best of all made a couple more local comic book friends. 

  1. Whew. It's been a really long, hard week for me. Just feel like I'm sick all the time, and it was also the anniversary of my mother's death, which always leads to health issues for me. 

    But, on the bright side, the Kickstarter campaign to publish issue #2 of The Crimebusters is going really well! So, thank you for all your support. 

    We've hit a couple of big milestones, which means it's also time to announce the next round of big stretch goals. So check it out when you have a chance!


  2. Greetings, 

    As of 01.01.20, Spectacular Spider-Man #001 - #263 + Annuals, + 35 Cent Variants is complete. The goal is a complete set in CGC 9.8 or better. I sold off most of my comics and it took about one year to finish it.  The final three books have been submitted for grading with CGC. With the set complete I am still hunting 21 Books in 9.8 Condition to upgrade lower grades in the set. This includes the 35 Cent Variants. If anyone happens to have time to check out my Spectacular Spider-Man "Nuff Said" series, please let me know if you have any potential issues that you can help me with. I am always grateful for the help! 


    Brian W.



    I also included a photo of my favorite book in the collection... it is an EXTREMELY RARE, CGC Graded 9.8 Signature Series Yellow Label with Signatures from the late great Stan "The Man" Lee, the late Mike Esposito, and Sal Buscema, and John Romita. This is the year I will ship this copy to Gerry Conway to get the 5th Signature to complete it. I pray it stays 9.8 Grade, stay tuned! 

  3. Jimmers

    Love me the oversized,the thicc,gimme some big page love!And when it's a Dell price variant..oh,baby


    Can't say I love the journal format though.Not a fan

  4. The AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Book and Record Set


    I bought this beat up copy for $10


    It's something I had never owned before, or even held in my hands, so I was excited to see it at the local comic book shop - and with that John Romita cover and $10 price, I had to have it.


    Of course, I wondered how I'd listen to it, but... it's 2020 and You Tube has everything:


    The Invasion of the Dragon Men Recording


    Mark of the Man-Wolf Recording



    (The AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Book and Record Set - 1977 - with cover art by John Romita)



    The back cover uses art from two sources - bot the stories inside. The first, 'The Invasion of the Dragon Men', looks like a hodge podge of artists - Romita, Buckler, Adams - most likely very much Giordano inks. has it as Buckler? art and Giordano? inks.


    The bottom part is from Amazing Spider-man #124 - from September 1973 (on newsstands June 12, 1973) and we know is Gil Kane with inks by John Romita and Tony Mortellaro.



    (The AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Book and Record Set - 1977 - with art by unknown on the top and Gil Kane on the bottom from Amazing Spider-man #124 - from September 1973 on newsstands June 12, 1973)


    The record is in ok shape!



    (The AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Book and Record Set - 1977 - with art on the 33 1/3 LP by Gil Kane on the bottom)


    The inside front cover and inside back cover features art from some of the other records and it definitely looks like Neal Adams with Giordano.



    (The AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Book and Record Set - 1977 - with art by unknown, but it looks like Neal Adams to me with Giordano inks)



    (The AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Book and Record Set - 1977 - with art by unknown, but it looks like Neal Adams to me with Giordano inks)



    The Dragon Men story is pretty lame, but at times it has some pretty cool artwork. Parts of this make me think Neal Adams, but I'm so unfamiliar with if he'd ever done Spider-man, so I'm hesitant to make that complete claim. 



    (The AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Book and Record Set - 1977 - with art by unknown. has it listed as Rich Buckler? with inks by Giordano?)



    Throughout you can definitely see signs of cut and paste. And swipes. It's interesting to me now, because this is one Spider-man story from the 70's I had never read! I wasn't missing much, but I'm sure glad I found this. It's a pretty cool piece of memorabilia! 



    (The AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Book and Record Set - 1977 - with art by unknown. has it listed as Rich Buckler? with inks by Giordano?)



    I'm not going to go into much detail on the Man-Wolf story, as I'm sure I'll find a beat-up copy of ASM #124 sometime and do a full posting on it. But man, did Gil Kane's art look a LOT better with Romita's inks and then Motellaro's inks on top of that.



    (The AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Book and Record Set - 1977 - with art by Gil Kane and inks by John Romita and Tony Motellaro from Amazing Spider-man #124 - from September 1973 on newsstands June 12, 1973)






  5. Obie's Journal

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    In this journal I shall post about my Spider-Man #252's and my quest to obtain more. 

    I bought my first one about two weeks before my birthday last year, and now I have about 13-14 copies. 

    I have just received my first Spider-Man #252 CGC 9.4, which was a personal grail for me. It is my second graded copy, the other being a 8.5 I may have overpaid for. 

    I'll try to post some pictures of the other copies. 

    Also, if anyone has any Spider-Man #252's you would like to unload for a (hopefully) good price, let me know.

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    Here's my first of the year. Decided to start it off with a bang (at least for me) :bigsmile:


  6. Nothing crazy unique about this lot, although you don't often see them displayed with their 30-cent counterparts.  I put the 30-cent variants in a separate post.

    I have a bunch of variants, error issues, and signed FF comics scanned front and back on my website if you want check out any other stuff:






  7. Hello :)

    Thanks for visiting my Journal.

    You will find posts here which summarise the latest position on the following 14 research strands:

    1. Archie UK Price Variants
    2. Charlton UK Price Variants
    3. DC UK Price Variants
    4. Dell UK Price Variants
    5. Gold Key UK Price Variants
    6. King UK Price Variants
    7. Marvel UK Price Variants
    8. Charlton Canadian Price Variants
    9. Charlton 15c Price Variants
    10. Marvel Australian Price Variants
    11. Marvel L Miller UK Indicia Variants
    12. Marvel 1999/2000 US Newsstand Price Variants
    13. Marvel Thorpe & Porter Indicias
    14. Marvel US Price Font Variations

    Each summary post has a hyperlink to the discussion threads in which you will find a lot more detail if you are interested. 




    UK Price Variants

    There are 7 known US Publishers who produced UK Price Variants and here are the up to date totals as at 03/02/20:

    1. Archie UK Price Variants - 24 confirmed issues
    2. Charlton UK Price Variants - 484 confirmed issues
    3. DC UK Price Variants - 840 confirmed issues (believed to be complete)
    4. Dell UK Price Variants - 215 confirmed issues
    5. Gold Key UK Price Variants - 120 confirmed issues
    6. King UK Price Variants - 21 confirmed issues
    7. Marvel UK Price Variants - 3,020 confirmed issues (believed to be complete)

    That makes a total of 4,724 confirmed UK Price Variants

    I have other research strands ongoing and may add those to the journal at some point.

    Thanks for looking and be seeing you... 


  8. Etreiw

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    New member here.

    My opinion, reading current *storyline* comics isn't cheap.  Back in the late eighties as a teenager I was looking forward to having a job so that I can buy comics and fast forward to now, I have a job but it's getting to the point that I can't afford to buy today's comics.   I found myself thinking if I'm gonna spend a lot of money for only a few current comics then why not start reinvesting a.k.a slabbing the 34 years of comics that I have collected so far.   I can remember spending $20 bucks and getting 20 different titles back in the eighties, now you spend $20 bucks, and you are lucky to get 4 different current titles...sigh.   What worries me is what the future holds when I stop reading....cause I don't see enough young people behind me picking up the slack when I do "quit" reading comics. 

    Guess you can say I'm a DC fan, no marvel collections here.  DC accomplished what they set out to do when they did the Crisis back in 1985, as a teenager I was interested in the fresh take of Superman.  Having a summer job during the late eighties, I started reading anything related to Superman and down the road the new takes on Wonderwoman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow,  Justice League, JSA, Special DC events.  The only big things I don't have in my collection is runs of Batman, Flash,  Aquaman...why have them when they already show up in Justice League. ;)   To end this, I decided to post the issue of Superman where he almost died! :) Imagine all the money I would have saved it he did die in the first issue! :) 


  9. I am just getting back full force to collecting since my new neck parts were added back in September. Basically my spinal cord was being crushed in my neck either from old injuries or old age.  I had to have spinal fusion surgery on four vertebrae . I have two titanium rods and eight screws holding my neck together. Much less titanium than the Titanium man though. Normally they would use spacers but my body tried to fix the problem itself by growing new bone thus the rods. I was told I was very fortunate to have had the surgery when I did. Half of my left hand is still numb but slowly improving.

      I am back to work and back to buying comics.  I did want to mention I did pickup a couple of Dark Horse archives of Turok and Eerie off Ebay which arrived today. The seller bought over 50,000 copies (according to his listing) and his pricing is far below other sellers. They were still sealed and well packaged. His shipping was fast for media mail too.  I feel very thankful the way things turned out for me and wanted to give back so I joined our town's Homeless advocate group. Our town is around 10,000 people but we do have a homeless population.

    In closing here are two recent pickups. A Turok 58 with a cool robot cover and a Thor 150 which has another great cover. Hopefully the picture won't flip on me this time like my last journal. 




  10. Just won this in the latest Heritage auction. A tough to find book with cover artwork by Neal Adams. I'm now concentrating on books with Adams covers during the period from 1967-71. Surprised to have won this book for under $250. Enjoy.


  11. bane
    Latest Entry

    Eagles of Death Metal: Nos Amis (Our Friends) - Documentary, Netflix

    Easy Money - Comedy, Netflix 

    Eddie the Eagle - Biopic, NowTV

    Eight Men Out - Biopic, Netflix 

    Eli - Horror, Netflix 

  12. So, I've been enjoying my quest for Bronze.  But I've pretty much backed off the pursuit of all titles but Smith Art Conans.  I might attempt some early Savage Swords.  I've also snagged a few minty early appearances of Iron Fist...I'm thinking about going  after the keys of that series since the hype-train has slowed down on that character.   Essentially, all of the material I'm pursuing is "anti-cinematic universe speculation" and I'm snagging them in higher grade.  And why not!  They're so beautiful!

    But just recently, after being disappointed on my strict want list at a small regional show, I stumbled across a few good deals on a couple golden age books.  And I found myself intrigued.  It's occurred to me that (with the exception of a few titles), there is a whole bunch of golden age stuff out there that is completely immune to cinematic hype!  So being a contrarian who likes rare stuff, I'm genuinely intrigued.  I had a brief daliance with golden age material about 20 years ago, so this stuff isn't entirely new to me.  I still have my Gerber Guides, but I didn't get very far.  The thing is, Golden Age material is practically like a new country to me.  So I've stuck my toe in the water with a couple of ECs, one of those odd 50's book where it's transitioning from a super hero title to a horror title (I find those interesting) and I accidently made a spectacle of myself  in the buyers area when I pulled the trigger on a Speed Carter Spaceman #1 and gushed about how I always wanted that book.   It's such cool stuff!

    So now, I'm going to continue pursuing my high grade Conans (in the NM/NM- range), but I'm going to explore the cheaper side of the Golden Age.  I'm going to try to be patient with the GA stuff...letting the deals find me since I have an entire universe of books to consider.  Right now, I'm captivated by the stories in the EC titles, but i also love 50's sci-fi covers and I can't understand how  low grade golden Sci Fi books can be so cheap compared to pedestrian high grade silver and bronze!  I'd also like to snag some cool war covers from less popular characters and maybe grab one nice book to represent each of the more popular characters who managed to endure through the dark times of the late golden age and into the silver age.

    One thing I do know is there is a lot to learn and make sense out of.  The market for some Golden Age books doesn't always make sense to me.  Why is one book so expensive when it's not necessarily rarer than another comparably rare book with a comparably rare character?  It's like the GA collectors have favorite books that they all agree are desirable, but there are others that seem just as cool to me that are cheaper.  I'll figure it out eventually.

    Anyway, I'm steering clear of the cinematic hype and just trying to find good value for my money.



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    Can you please expand the listing for Magnificent Ms. Marvel (2019). Your assistance is greatly appreciated.


  13. Phelps27

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  14. Added a pedigree comic to my collection and I was stoked that it was a Thor book that was the one.

  15. Ad-Doomsday-Is-Coming-720x1024.jpg.c2c508e8457fcca33f324c06158ecd69.jpg

    I’ve recently acquired a new piece for my CGC Death and Return of Superman set, Superman #v2 #73 (11/92). This book completes a set of four, which serves as a bookend to a much larger set. Why? The four Superman titles cover dated November 1992 each contained a teaser page, the last page, warning us that "Doomsday is coming!"


    While the stories for each of these books had nothing to do with the forthcoming "Doomsday!" storyline, beginning in Superman: The Man of Steel #18 (12/92), the last page for each issue showed a mysterious arm, pounding through a metal wall. 


    The four teaser issues have always been hard for me to find. I started when I was a kid, I only found two of the four, Superman: The Man of Steel #17 and Action Comics #683, both second printings. I did manage to finally find nice raw copies of Superman #73 and Adventures of Superman #496 as a twenty something in the 2000s, I thought then I had completed this special set within a set, but I decided to go for a CGC set. I guess you could say the nice raw copies I found were only teasers...

    Finally getting Superman #73 in a CGC 9.8 holder marks the end of an 11 year search, now I have all four issues in CGC 9.8 holders.


    "Here Be Monsters"


     Won on eBay: 12/16/2012 - $34.05


    "Time Ryders!"

    P1030305.JPG.cc2c4efe8a86b50bd6b4a9498338ffb0.JPG Doomsday-is-Coming-2-684x1024.jpg.c0871f2f0a1e4805bc2082cdf08d4fe9.jpg


     “Truth and Consequences”


    Won on eBay: 2/6/2011 - $49.00


    "The Trial of the Jackal"


    eBay BIN: 11/26/2008 - $29.99


    I really enjoy all four covers, Superman #73 and Action Comics #683 are tied for my favorite. I still search out raw copies to this day, I rarely see them but snag them when I can.

    Update: 10/27/2019

    The search continues for the second printings, I have two so far. Thurns out this set of four is really a set of eight. As of this writing, Superman #73 has two copies in the CGC Census at 9.8 and Action Comics #683 has yet to make the grade. 


  16. Well I've been M.I.A. but we set up the office. The wife and I are posting a ton of the collectibles, got all of the comic books we have in, built the shelves to display, and tore the house apart. I will post some pictures so everyone can see the chaos. I decided to keep all the Batman Animated Series and have started posting the rest. Once I can get to the end of that... I will start working on the "Funny Books". 

  17. Swingwitme
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    how long does it take for cert# to be in the system after on site grading at a con

  18. Since everyone else apparently gets a journal, maybe I should claim some space too... 

    I'm just another schmo that has a lot to say about things that most nobody cares about.

  19. Jradical

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    1138563042_IMG_20190808_1950482.thumb.jpg.f1f6f8e96c13127c527e75d446a5a43a.jpgHere is an indie key in high grade signed that I picked up today. I think it is worth holding on to long-term. Thoughts?

  20. Hey,

    I got your message. Please go to your account, and then to email settings. Click on the tab that enables you to receive messages. Welcome to CGC

  21. <h3>Just plain don't get you silver/bronze only collectors...<h3>

    <p>I believe that that the content of classic comics before 1978-72ish is so inferior to today's  that the value that builds on their rarity is not structured logically. Now, I'm not saying that modern comics transcend the fact that they are ultimately cartoons (opinions aside). However, the content that makes up: artistic value <h7>(the drawings and ink jobs)<h7>, dynamics of dialouge <h7>(events, stories, relationships)<h7>, or initial exclusivity of <h7>(variant covers, dealer incentives, 9.x cgc/cb slabs<h7>, cant seriously be rivaled in terms of: <li>entertainment and enjoyment<li> <li>production value<li> <li>economic footprint. <h7>(at the time of the initial release of the book)<h7>.<li><p>


    Please excuse my dear aunt markdown.


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    hello thought id tell you were i found my next lot of comics, i found it in the very last place in the loft i was clearing out the comics were inside a deteriorated old carrier bag underneath the loft door i was about to climb down from the loft when that was  when i saw them.

    Look at this last lot of treasure i found by chance. not quite the holy grail but very nearly.