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New Gods Kirby Run

Alright, Alright, Alright! Managed to score a number 4 of New Gods at 9.0 for a good price, under $50. I do not have a raw copy of this issue or even a beat up copy. Good thing I have the black and white trade copy from several years ago.  So far I have two slabbed New Gods issues from Jack Kirby's original run. Debating whether to get the "Return of" issues and in no rush. I do have a couple of raw issues of the Forever People from the same time but no slabs. That will change soo




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Horror Comics

It's October and Halloween will be here soon.  Anyways I am currently looking for horror comics on eBay that are slabbed, especially the Twisted Tales series. I do have one book because it had Richard Corben doing a story and cover. It was bonus I became interested in Bruce Jones and Jan Strnad stories as well. Having collected many raw Twisted Tales, Eerie, Creepy, and a few Weird War Tales on and off I seem to enjoy the short story styled format with 2 to 3 stories in a book. To me more c





Shooter’s Valiant

I don’t know if anyone else feels nostalgic about the early nineties when Jim Shooter was involved with Valiant. My first encounter with Valiant was the first issue of Archer and Armstrong. At the time I had just finished collecting Barry Windsor-Smith’s Weapon X story in Marvel Comics Presents, I think that is the title, and wanted more of this artist. Collecting comics has been a small passion of mine since the local trash man all those years ago rescued a number 1 of Rom the space knight from




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