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Goodbye Herb...

...or Captain Britain salutes you! Like many of us here, I was very sad to hear about Herb Trimpe's recent passing. Whilst most people will remember Herb for his illustrious run on the Hulk (of which I'm also fan), I'll always be grateful for his work on Captain Britain - the character he co-created with Chris Claremont specially made for the Marvel UK. Whilst I never got the chance to meet him, I was recently lucky enough to pick up a piece of his original art from his Captain Britain ru

Me & ECCC Part 4 - The ultimate variant cover?

Final [mis]adventures at Emerald City ComicCon I had a couple more hours to kill before I could pick up my mysterious Black Science Blank variant sketch by Matteo Scalera, so I decided to finalize all my submissions in preparation for the end of the show. As luck would have it, I overheard someone asking about pressing and then I spotted a CCS form - I'd not realized you could also submit your signed books via CCS at the show. I chatted with the helpful CCS rep on-site who gave me an evaluatio

Me & ECCC Part 3 - Chasing the fuzzy elf

Yet more [mis]adventures at Emerald City ComicCon. The last day of ECCC. As per my previous journal post, I had in my head the idea of getting my newly picked up Avengers 257, which featured the first appearance of Nebula, signed by Karen Gillian. She was only going to be at the show on the Sunday, so everyone was keen to get there early and the queue was packed. I soon got talking about the signing to a group of people whilst we waited and being new to conventions, I was a little surprised

Me & ECCC Part 2 - CGC lend a hand (and right arm)

More [mis]adventures at Emerald City ComicCon I arrived at the CGC stand fresh and early on the Saturday morning after the doors had opened at ECCC. Mike came over to say hi, then looked at me strangely before exclaiming "That wasn't there yesterday, what the hell happened?!?!" There was something different about me - my right arm was now in a sling and I couldn't move it without extreme pain, so it was effectively useless. I explained that the day before getting out of the taxi on my way ba

Me & ECCC Part 1 - Ticketless in Seattle?

[Mis]adventures at Emerald City ComicCon Being based in Australia, it is rare I visit the US and especially rare that these trips coincide with a major comic convention. Last year I'd been lucky enough to have San Jose's Big WOW show align with business trip and this year, as luck would have it, I was going to be on business in Seattle the same weekend as Emerald City Comic Con. If you've read my previous journal entry you'll already know obtaining tickets turned into an adventure in itself,

The perils of an international comic collector...

...or how I learned to miss Emerald City Comicon 2014. As a comic collector living in Australia we already have a face a number of challenges especially when it comes to our favourite hobby as well as grading/signings. Increased shipping costs, insurance, extended shipping times, fluctuating currencies and... comic conventions. You see, in Australia, whilst we have Comic Conventions, we don't have CGC presence, so even in the extremely rare event we manage to see a celebrated writer or ar

Captain Britain & Psylocke "lost"

Following the recent news item on CGC and other comic news sites about the "lost" Denys Cowan artwork (and how it was subsequently "found"), I thought I'd share my own recent tale of "loss" in the vain hope someone can help me "find" my item again. I recently decided to sell one of my two 9.4 copies of Captain Britain #8 on ebay from my newly graded Captain Britain collection (see my previous journal "The [Other] Good Captain"). CB8 is key issue as it features the first appearance of Elizabeth

The [Other] Good Captain

A Beginners Guide to Captain Britain. It's been a fantastic couple of weeks for me collecting and grading wise. For those who have been following me on the boards, you'll already know about the rare treat I had with my (now beloved) Incredible Hulk 181. However before this beauty dropped through my door, I was on a high already when, only a few days previously, my collection of Captain Britain comics submitted for grading were delivered. I've been a fan of Captain Britain as long as I've b

Super Sienkiewicz & Warlock

The (happy) conclusion of a tale of Big WOW, meeting Bill Sienkiewicz and a seemingly elusive (now amazing) sketch of one of his creations; Warlock. A few days ago, Bill Sienkiewicz called me. I'd been put in touch with him by members on this forum following my previous journal entry and we'd chatted by email. We talked for a little while about the original sketch commission, a colour sketch of Warlock from New Mutants, before ending the call saying that he was going to get working on it rig

Guardians! Star Wars! Steranko!

My latest key Marvel submissions for grading and what I learned from the last batch. Finally got around this weekend to preparing my next round of submissions to CGC for grading. In total, I've prepped 3 submissions; the batch detailed below, one Modern (mostly X-Men key issues) and one Magazine size (all early Captain Britain UK issues), I'll post more on both the latter soon. This first batch is probably the one I'm most excited about as it includes some awesome classic key Marvel co

Desperately Seeking Bill Sienkiewicz

A tale of Big WOW, meeting Bill Sienkiewicz and a seemingly elusive sketch of one his creations, Warlock. I recently attended Big WOW in San Jose which I was able tag on at the end of very gruelling two week business trip in Europe and the US. I only had a few hours at the event before I had to leave to catch my flight home to Australia via New Zealand. It was also the first comic convention I've attended and a rare opportunity for me to meet my favourite artists, get some comics signed and