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Shadow Images Quest to Complete Batman


My rambling about my journey to do a complete Batman run 1-713 and maybe a little vintage Star Wars and Batman collectibles along the way.

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Shadow Images

Picked up a couple of issue this week as well as a puzzle and clock. Have a few issue I am still waiting on that I bought from a member.


Here is how I keep track of my issues. Still in the past like me or more advanced?




Shadow Images

Golden Age Batman

Had quite a few books waiting for me when I got back from my last TDY. Have found a local source of GA Batmans which has put me off my goal of finishing 200-713. Too many good GA bats to pass up, so will probably spend the next couple of months picking what I can up.  Only six issue left to finish the 300's and then I will start 250-299. IMG_2962.thumb.JPG.d23a55ea45b0f95ffec1182b889fe6b8.JPGIMG_2961.thumb.JPG.929c5c3092c2780d42ef801789b37731.JPG

Shadow Images

How it stands

How my collection room currently stands. Have Batman 400-713 and currently working on finishing out issues 250-399. Unless of course I come across some early issues at a good price. I will add some detail pics of some of my favorite item as I have time.