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About this journal

I had thought of writing a journal here for some time. I wonder whatever or if it will give some insights a bit about myself as a comic book collector. I will give it a try. 

Hello to you, in the assumption you don’t know me well in person. To these ones who do know me a bit, welcome here.

First of all, I think you should know I am of someone with a unique viewpoint. Yes, I am a collector in comic books like many of you, but how many is Deaf and have real passion in collecting vintage old comic books? In my 40 years throughout to present, I have only met ONE Deaf collector! I just learned recently when I was attending a friend’s family funeral. I had knew my friend’s father for many years for the reason. So, I was chatting with some friends whom I have not seen for many months and few years since in the aftermath of this funeral. That man whom I knew from high school, he is my senior about 2 years ahead of me. 

He learned that I collect comic books, then he told me he collect Marvel comics from 1960s onward. I was surprised that another collector exist and near my hometown! We chatted a bit and exchanged our contacts to meet again later someday. 

The strange thing is that ... there aren’t very many Deaf comic book collectors with a passion of collecting GA, SA or BA comics. Very few, even scarce number. The funny thing is, you know what? Comic books are visible as can see with our eyes by reading. No need to listen like you do with TV shows or movies, right?  That was years before I have technology available to show closed captioning shown on TV and movies. 

That was why and how I got into comic books as a boy. It was my passport to have adventures with characters as I read the stories. Had visited a thousand worlds of different places. To the day I still do, I enjoyed reading new stories and re visited the old stories again always.

I first started showed interest in reading comic books like Walt Disney, Charton and Gold Key. At stores when I go with my mother for her shopping. She would let me pick a few comics off the spinner rack and paid them for me. I was almost 5 years old, in 1973.

Some comics, like Top Cat, The Finestones, Donald Duck, Richie Rich, you get the idea.  Later in a year to two years I expand into Archie, Hulk, Superman, Batman and few more others. Thus my collection began grew to 500+ by 1977.

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Comic Books throughout the years.

This month ... March 2018 ... has marked the end of my daily new comic book purchases that I had ordered and picked from the LCS every month or biweekly. That had went on for 44 years. Last week I had picked up my last new comic book with my other orders. Only one single comic book! Finished. I think back all the years I went into the store thrilled in getting my daily dose of new comic books, to read new stories and had fun. Not anymore now. It is strange but not disappointed because I can still get my hardcover volumes with reprinted classic stories, graphic novel books and other items at the LCS. So, I can still go visit the LCS a little longer.  But this day marks the beginning of the end on my visits to the LCS. How longer will it last? That, I do not know until I have completed my collection. With the new comic books stopped ordered and closed, what is left for me? Good question. However, this chapter is done and closed, a new chapter begins. What I know is that it means I am now totally focused on fulfilling my collection in finding pre-1975 books to fill up all the gaps. It means more trips to comic book cons and small shows in my region as far I can go if my budget allows.

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My Comic Book Room

SHAPING UP AND CREATING MY COMIC BOOK ROOM This year I think I will start cleaning up my books and think up what I want to put in the room. Too many stuff I have in boxes, and they need be placed in good display. Thinking to buy metal shelves to put all my short boxes stacked up to free up space. It might take me a year or so to get the room as what I have in mind.  I had just started my special sketch project at FEV. I gave a blank comic book page (the kind of paper comic book artists do their work) to one artist. It will be finished by February later. It is going to be a unique project, where I will have many different artists put their work on the same page. I estimate the project will take me up to 5 years. I have a long list of artists in names. This is the centrepiece artwork for my comic book room. 

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First comic store adventure - year 1977 era

MY FIRST COMIC STORE ADVENTURE It was in 1977, sometime in spring season to summer. I had found my first comic book store by accidentally when I was with my dad on his trip to a drug store to buy something there. I must had walked by this comic book store many times before. Yet I did not notice it?? I guess because the drug store had the spinner rack with new comics there, so my focus was kind of direct at this.  Anyway, one day I went with my sister to follow dad into the drug store. I checked the spinner rack to see if any new comics arrived. Picked a few ones to buy. Dad was still shopping. As it was a hot day outside, and the store was a bit stuffy inside. I told dad I want go out to cool off. I go out and stand by the “comic store” NEXT to the drug store! my eyes was wandering around the block as I was standing. As I turn around to peek thru the dirty window, I noticed the sun faded comic books hanging on string by their centrefolds. Colours were almost faded out so I didn’t see them clearly. I stood up in peaking, my face pressed on glass. What I saw inside was awesome. Run into drug store to tell dad I go check out the store next door.  I entered the beat-down store and saw all the new comic books stacked up on shelves. Saw the comic books in bins. I soon realized that the store was actually a used bookstore turned into partly comic book store in process! I met the long-haired bearded hippie owner. He smiled at me, I smiled back and pointed to the comics on shelves. He waved me to let me look.  My dad entered to find me standing looked at new comic books. I grinned at dad in begging to buy a .. few.. more books!  My dad looked at the store and he looked at my face. He rolled up his eyes, knowing he will have to take me for more comic book trips ahead!  the hippie owner laughed.  I later learned the store was called “The ComicLand”, one of the few first comic book stores. The ComicShop on the 4th West ave is the first store opened. But this is another story to tell later. 

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