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Watch my slab collection grow from scratch to BIG $$$ scratch!

I am going to have to live with that thread title, but whatever! I have decided the correct term for me, besides original comic art collector, is comic reader. I don't collect comics so much as store the ones I read. I bought some Moebius comics the other day off ebay and when I opened the package I realized these were now the nicest comics in my collection, almost without a doubt. So collecting high grade comics was never my thing. Yes, I grabbed some comics second hand along the way, including a Strange Tales 169 and Daredevil 9 and 10 but not much else unless I bought it to read off the rack. But along the way about 25 years ago I started collecting original art due to a chance encounter with Paul Ryan or Sam de la Rosa at a convention. [i recall thinking "artists draw at cons?" with Paul Ryan and "they sell the art used to make comic pages?" with Samuel de la Rosa (who was one of a few Latino inkers credited as "Manuel Labor" on the issue and who told me that he did not like that one bit) but am not sure which happened first.] Comic art led me to these boards a few years ago. I had resisted the siren call until recently. But Doc McCoy (I think it was) came over to the OA parts of the boards advertising (his?) free David Petersen art in some thread called Pay it Forward. As I was in the process of trading art regularly with a local dealer, I promptly went and claimed said art. Sadly I traded it away almost immediately to the dealer. I apologize; I was single-minded and unthinking at the time but understand my mistake now. So please forgive me. But PIF sucked me in right from the start. Especially when I jumped on another piece of OA quickly (still have that one, don't worry). Then a strange thing occurred. I watched as some really cool slabs were given away to fellow boardies. When a nice X-Men slab came up I decided to take the plunge and claim it. (Thanks Griff!) I was quickly offered another slab gratis from a boardie (looking forward to getting that one! ). Now this weekend I took the plunge and decided to have some fun and get a few for myself. I figured it really doesn't matter so much if they are comics I have read and admired so much as fun things to look at on the shelf. So I put out the call for cheap slabs and that thread inspired me to start this one and chronicle the rise through the ranks of my first rate collection. NOT! I am not trying to start a new collection, but have some cool comics displayed that will make me smile. So without further eloquence... Bird's Top Shelf Slabs! #1 in the closet and in your hearts, courtesy of Griff...not the crime dog just a slab hound...she a beauty with white's X-Men 248 9.4   Done worry folks, she won't be lonely for long. Join us later this week, same slab time,same slab's a race against time between Amazing Spider-Man and The Defenders! See you here! To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.




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