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Folks I request your participation in the raw grading, submission and ultimate harvest and liquidation of (ooo i felt like a vampire there 4 a sec) of this fantastic collection of primarily Gold, Silver and Bronze-Age comics. It will be the ammunition through which I am re-opening my online store Vintage Collectible Investments. I am not just going to liquidate and spend, so anyone who would like to trade with me is also welcome to make trade offers along with cash offers. 


The collection consists of 127 items, 119 of which are Gold, Silver, and Bronze. It is not large but it is swimming  in a few dozen 9.8's., and I already know beyond any shadow of a doubt that much of it will be known for yielding THE top copy in existence, with a small percentage of books that even grade below 9.0, with many of those still possessing more than high enough quality to be one of if not the top copies in existence. I have chills this is so exciting, and I am thrilled to share this experience with my fellow collectors. However please, if your personality (NOT your  appearance) even resembles the comic book guy from  the  Simpsons,   please keep your snide and condescending remarks to yourself. This tiny collection is guaranteed to pack an atomic punch. The breakdown is as follows:

- 1 Platinum-Age (prior to 1938 roughly) print media item, a publication in the French language from 1912 called "l'intrpide". It claims to be "TROISIEME ANNEE No. 86". A fantastic item that provides that mystery every collector loves, as I have absolutely no idea the monetary value, nor do I have any idea how to grade such a thing. It could be appraised at 10 cents or 10 grand and either way it would not affect the historic, and physically tangible value/significance of the item.

-2 Golden-Age Better Little Books, no exception to the rule as far as aesthetic beauty in this collection. They are: -"Wings of the USA" from 1940, and 

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