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I set up my CGC Comics Account today!

 I have several comics to get graded. I have collected for years and have always thought about doing all this. I have added any CGC Graded Books already, but I still have two PGX Graded Books that obviously can't. One of them being the Death of Gwen Stacy. Some of the books I'm excited to send in include the debuts of Batman Adventures #12, Harley Quinn #1, Rhino (ASM #41), Carnage (ASM #361), Savage She-Hulk #1, Gotham City Sirens #1, and Wolverine #1. I have 5 signed comics that to my understanding won't really work for me in CGC. We will have to get that sorted for sure.

I am beyond excited for this new adventure though! (6/16/19)


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M.I.A. For A Bit.

Well I've been M.I.A. but we set up the office. The wife and I are posting a ton of the collectibles, got all of the comic books we have in, built the shelves to display, and tore the house apart. I will post some pictures so everyone can see the chaos. I decided to keep all the Batman Animated Series and have started posting the rest. Once I can get to the end of that... I will start working on the "Funny Books". 





Set up my profile and posted about grades.

Well I set up my profile to start with. I also posted to find out to find out opinions about grading some of these books. I have The Mighty Captain Marvel Ross Variant (CGC 9.8), Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #8 (CGC 9.4), ASM #238 (CGC 7.5), ASM #252 (CGC 9.0), and ASM #300 (CGC 8.5). However, I do have two PGX Graded Books as well. I have ASM #62 (PGX 7.0) and ASM #121 (PGX 7.5). My wife and I also want to get Feedback on our Batman Adventures #12 and her two Comic Con Variants, Gotham City




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