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About this journal

I decided to start this journal to document my experiences with reholdering some of my books, primarily those in my Superman (Doomsday! Funeral for a Friend Reign of the Supermen!) set, but also other random books here and there that I want in new holders for whatever reason.  If I were to stick just to my set, I need to get 34 more books reholdered so I’ve got a little way to go!

I will be posting before and after pictures of books as I submit them to get reholdered, and perhaps discuss the book; where I got it, rarity, etc.

This idea came to my mind when I recently reholdered five of my books; one a 9.9, three the lone 9.8’s in the census, and one a Signature Series book.

I had previously reholdered other books and didn’t think much of it.  The difference this time was that each of the books I submitted were exceptionally rare (at least in my mind) and pretty irreplaceable (again in my mind).  A replacement of the 9.9 was available on eBay but at $3500.00 was not something I would probably ever do, and the 9.8’s were so meaningful to me as the lone 9.8’s that the thought of anything happening to them literally kept me up at night.  Even then I had a little confidence when I initially started creating the reholder order until I read the disclaimer talking about damage, regrading, etc.  I hadn’t seen that on previous reholder submissions!  Once I read the disclaimer, I immediately closed the order and decided to just live with the old holders… the problem was that I REALLY wanted these books in new holders, and two had cracks.  About an hour later I went ahead and created the order.  I figured I would use UPS as a more secure method of shipping (even though I use USPS for every raw submission), little did I know that UPS could only get the package so far and USPS had to pick it up and get it to the PO Box.  My stress was compounded when the package was handed over to the PO late on a Friday and sat over a holiday weekend to be picked up the following week… man I wanted to see that green bar on the USPS tracking page showing it had been picked up.

The first five books went to Received status on 11 September 2020 and were shipped on 18 September 2020 (pretty fast!).  As I write this first entry they are due to be delivered via UPS tomorrow, which is why I wanted to start this journal now to show the before pictures and get this going…

I hope that over time this journal will be a place to show off freshly reholdered books and NOT a place to discuss damage, lifted signatures, etc.  Wish me luck!

Here are the first five books I sent to be reholdered...

This is the only 9.9 in my set.  It is 1 of 5 9.9's in the census where there are 1702 Universal and 163 Signature Series 9.8 copies of this book.  I can't wait to see this baby in a new holder...


This book is the lone 9.8 in the census.  There are only two total copies of this book graded, this 9.8 and a 9.2 Qualified.  I have found it impossible to unearth a raw copy of this book and was eventually able to get this from a fellow board member that had (incredibly) moved on from collecting these books.


This book is the lone 9.8 in the census of all Labels, it is also my grail book.  I love the combination of the colors of this cover as well as the DC Universe Logo and Roman Numeral IV.  This slab had a crack on the lower left corner when I got it and I am really excited to see it in the new holder!


This is the lone 9.8 in the census and I felt it deserved to go in with this first batch of books from this set.


I threw this book in with the four above on this submission because it had a crack along the bottom that really bothered me.  The thing that I really like about this book is that it was signed a couple days before the movie came out.


That's it for the first beholder submission and the first post of this journal.  I hope you can see, after I showed what I sent in, why I might have been a little worried.  In fact I have one more day of worrying until these books show up tomorrow hopefully (knock on wood) in great shape.  I'll post the awesome reholdered pictures tomorrow.


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Sending in 18 this time!

Did an inventory of my set and have a total of 37 books that need to be reholdered. 36 comics and one magazine (Newstime).  Decided to go a little bigger this time and do 18 comics. Would really like to eventually have my entire gallery filled with books in new holders!  They just display and photograph so much better. I recently bought a bunch of Signature Series books in old holders and some of them are in this batch. Several of those concern me as they were signed in the early 2010’s and




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First Five Books are Back!

The first five books arrived today.  Luckily, everything went well with this reholder submission!  Before pictures of the below books as well as my explanation for starting this journal are in the 'about this journal' section of Adventures in Reholdering!   I'll start with the Superman: The Man of Steel 18 9.9...  I was really worried about this book.  There wasn't anything wrong with the old holder but I knew it would look better reholdered.  I took a chance and so far so good.  I also sho




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