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I want to chronicle my journey back into comic book collecting!


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A few more items sold

I just wanted to put an update! Nothing crazy in the sales, but got sold some random glassware (haha, with proceeds going towards comic fund) and listed a few small 'lots' on craigslist today. Within 10 minutes got an inquiry for my Wolverine #1-4 (regular series, 1988?). Nice fellow, looked at conditions when we met nearby and paid full price. Very rare to not get a haggler on CL! Hopefully my other sets sell quickly. I plan to put more up soon. So my goal again is to save up my funds to p




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2 long boxes sold!

I received a few responses from interested buyers regarding my two long boxes of comics. One guy only wanted to trade (records/gift cards/stuff I don't want) and kept sending really odd offers. I'm sure that can be fun, but I want the space and cash! Today I met with an interested buyer, nice guy. He looked through the boxes, noting the comics he wanted, and made a solid offer on the lot. It was for less than what I had listed, but I had a nice chat with another collector and I think we both are




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Getting started!

Hello, I have been browsing the forums for about a year prior to starting an account. I wanted to chronicle getting back into my favorite hobby. The goal of this journal is to keep me motivated in reshaping my collection (more below) and setting up my home office display! Background: I'm a 39 year old living in Austin, TX. My older brother and uncle got me into comics as a kid. My favorites were marvel comics and especially Spider-man. I would buy, read, than store my comics, and