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About this journal

For the past several years I have worked toward a set of first appearances of women in Marvel comics. The CGC set currently lists almost 300 comics in their Women of Marvel - First Appearance Set.

Over the last few years I have managed to collect almost two hundred of these issues. I purchased many of these as raw books and sent them to CGC for grading. It's been a long journey but I'm ready to share my progress with anyone interested.

The legendary Fred Hembeck agreed to a commission to draw many of these characters and I've amassed over 600 sketch cards that cover just over one-third of the women in the CGC set. Fred, I can't thank you enough for the time and patience you've put into this effort over the past few years!

This journal will document completing the last 100ish books of this collection. It's been a long, wonderful, and fulfilling effort and I'm excited to see this through the final push to the finish line!

 I'll begin with my first book in this set, a signature Ms. Marvel 1. I purchased this book raw on eBay 7 years ago for $20. I sent this in to CGC for grading and was amazed it came back at 9.8! Later I sent this in to have it signed by Joe Sinnott and was relieved it retained 9.8! I send in many other books for signing and several did not maintain their original grade, but fortunately this one did. This book started my Marvel Women collection and opened up a pursuit that has lasted many years.

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Ms. Marvel 1

My collection of Women of Marvel - First Appearances began with Ms. Marvel 1. I didn't start out intending to collect this set. I ran across Ms. Marvel while searching eBay and bought a set of 23 issues from the 1977 edition on an impulse. I bought a few more sets and individual copies and before long I amassed about 500 raw copies of the 1977 Ms. Marvel series. As I started to get into graded comics I sent in my best copies of issue 1 for grading and was amazed that one of them came back at 9.8