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And the present day Evolution of my Slab Syndrome

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The genesis and essence of my comic collecting discovered....and Evolution of my Slab Syndrome

I was watching this movie called Ratatouille. There is this one particular character who is an older person, a food critic who is miserable and extremely unhappy. At the end of the movie a dish is prepared for him to eat. The smell and taste is oh so familiar. He is immediately intrigued. Something he has not experienced in decades. Like a flurry his memories come back. He is now a child at home in his kitchen. This was the dish his mother used to make for him. It was like a time machine shot him back there. It was at this moment I realized what a significant sentimental bond I have had with comics over all these years, especially the last decade as i approach my late 40's.  In particular I have such a deep bond with comics from my childhood because seeing them now takes me back to a place where I ache to go..........  




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