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About this journal

Welcome to my journal. Here I will list all of the comic shops that I have farted in down the years. I hope you will follow my journal :)

Entries in this journal

Incognito Comics

Hello and welcome to my thirteenth entry under the 'Comic Shops I've Farted In' overarching journal heading. I do like my headings to overarch. They say that 13 is 'unlucky for some'. Well it was certainly unlucky for Incognito Comics because this is how many cheese chunders I counted on my last visit. That's the last time I take my Nan to a comic shop, I'll tell you that for nothing! I won't charge you. Any way, she made the place uninhabitable for a good half an hour. No more cheesy quavers for you Nan I said on the bus home (on which she dropped a further four air biscuits I hasten to add. Come to think of it, has anyone ever added slowly? Why all the haste all the time?). It's true what they say about the old ones. They smell of wee. As this is my final entry (ooh missus!), I won't say 'see you next time' as that would make me a liar. And nobody likes A Liar! Except Barry Liar, who loves his wife Ann dearly. So, that's that. Thanks for reading.    

Kent Comics

You can't hide a comic shop in Orpington no matter how hard you try. It will always be found. Anyway, I farted with such ferocity here once that a stewards enquiry had to be held to assess a 'touching cloth' incident.  Never mix your gases with your solids.  See you next time in 'comic shops I've farted in'. 

Orbital Comics

For reasons which will be kept private, this is the shop in which one can derive the greatest pleasure from a cheese squeezing attack. Richly deserved, every chuff is a further notch on the rung of flatulence pay back. Most gratifying indeed. See you next time.

The London Comic Fair

OK, not a shop as such I grant you but boy have I pumped a few out here. You'd have to go some way to break the stranglehold of smell that other people's body odour creates of course, but you can eke out a rewarding one near some of the less likable dealers if you act quickly. Well worth an air biscuit and easy to pass off as the fault of that guy with the dog (it is a dog isn't it? What? His wife? Jesus ). See you next time.

Silveracre Comics

I've never farted in Silveracre Comics because the bloke won't let you in to that place of his in Chester. But I have farted many times whilst placing online orders and like to think that these made it through.  Feel free to share your own stories of farting in comic shops. See you next time.