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I was out of collecting comics for years and didn't start back up again til around 2011.  Just recently got into the whole CGC aspect of it so trying to catch back up.  Very big fan of spider-man that's what I collect mostly and titles tied into his series.  At one point in time I had every issue from vol.1 and 2 from #200 to #700.5.  Times got a little rough and I had to sell em.  At some point in time I will start back at trying to get those again.  But right now I am going after Vol.3 and now Vol.4 and all the variants.  That's about it see you on the boards.


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As some of you know if you have seen the WTB section or read my journal when I decide to ramble I have been searching for Invincible #75 variant.  Much like the 1:100 it was pretty hard to come by for a while with the excitement surrounding the announcement of the movie. Well I finally got my hands on one graded at 9.6 I may have paid more than what I should have but that happens in this hobby sometimes. Regardless I am now 5 issues from having a complete set including variants and in making sure I hadn't miss counted or left anything out I realized I am missing the regular cover for issue #98, once I find that one at a reasonable price and condition the set w/o variants is complete. I am planning on laying off on trying to find the other issues I need given the holidays and may just put it on the back burner until the prices start dropping again. But now I am the happy owner of one of the most sought after comics in this series with 2 others to go so if you happen to have the variants for issues 51 and 52 feel free to contact me and lets work out a deal (lol). Happy hunting to all you collectors out there and hope you find the gems you are looking for.



Almost there (again)

So a while back before the overhaul on the journals and message boards I had posted about being almost complete on Image/Skybound's Invincible which in my opinion is probably the best comic story out.  Anywho after going through each and every book I had in this series at the time I was missing around 14 issues and decided that I wanted to at least have 9.6's or better.  Looking at my collection that wasn't happening at all when I purchased the majority of the middle part of the series I never paid much attention to spin creases or fox ears on the corners I was just excited about owning the comics.  Needless to say I had to replace over 30 issues because of these faults knowing that even if I shelled out the cash for pressing it wouldn't make much difference too many color breaks so on and so forth.  With all that said I have finally got to the point that I want to be at purchasing most of what I was missing either raw copies or slabbed and definitely a few hard to gets, and I am down to missing only 6 issues to complete a run with all variants and only 1 issue to complete the series.  This will mark the second time I have completed a number to number run once I can get my hands on issue #13 GLCBrad had a copy I should have just pulled the trigger on that was already slabbed.  And with prices inflating due to the movie announcement it may be a little while before I am able to purchase that issue until the excitement wears off so to say. But I am happy I can say all I need is 1 more.  Thanks for reading Phillip.  


Finally after not pulling the trigger on this issue a year or 2 ago I was messaged on the boards in the wanting to buy section and an awesome member asked me if I was still looking for this issue.  Of course I was and purchased immediately. Case was in good shape still plan on sending it off for the new case. But the hunt for this issue is over and now onto the #52 RRP variant another that I am sure is going to be difficult to acquire. Shout out to Delt569 for allowing me to purchase his copy thanks.



I am normally not one to purchase sketches or even pay to have them done.  I believe they're way to costly and I could purchase several other items for the amount of money most of my favorite artist would charge for a commission.  With that being said I came across a wonderful cover sketch for Invincible #111.  Anissa as the joker with Mark in Batgirls shoes done by Scott Blair.  I fell in love with this cover as soon as I found it.  I think a lot of you guys/gals will appreciate it.  Thanks for reading.  Phillip



Almost there!!!

So I have posted before about my love for Invincible and no not Iron Man. This is about the only comic book that I have been able to read through a few times and still enjoy. And while Kirkman and company deciding to end it at 144 I have made it a personal goal of grabbing up every single issue including 2nd prints and variants. And now with only about 12 issues left in the series I am almost to my goal. I only lack 6 issues to complete the series thus far minus the extras. It's a great feeling actually being able to handle and hold the issues I once thought I would never see. Last time I was this excited I had 1 issue left to completed a full run minus Variants of ASM 200-700. Which I had to sell (financial issues came about). The only thing that will be left to do is start sending these books off to be graded and hoping my eyes are as good as I think and not have anything less than a 9.6. But I like to think being able to say I own every single issue of an amazing series will be worth it and the grades I get back on them not being as important. We shall see. Thanks for reading.