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Today, was the last day I bought new comics.

The summer of 1987 was my first experience walking into a comic-book shop and buying stack of superman comics and then today was the last time going into my local shop picking up the last round of comics as well as closing my account. Due to some big bills coming up,  I realized that the most expensive thing I have to trim from my budget is comics. Last week alone I spent $20 bucks on 2 new modern DC comics, something is wrong with that.  There looked to be some interesting stories that wer

What, Why and a Mail Call.

In terms of collecting focuses, I guess mine are probably fairly common. 1. I'm just setting off on the journey to build a high-grade competitive registry set for The Joker (1975), called "Eat Your Hearts Out!". Even though this run has only a fist-full of books in it, I expect that it will take some time and even more luck to complete in high grade. The census numbers for 9.8's across the set are both dauntingly, and excitingly, low.  2. For fun, I also like collecting Joker covers, c


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Late 70s and Early 80s

Early on in my collecting journey, I focused mostly on FF and soon added ASM.  ASM soon became my favorite and Marvel had a couple more titles featuring Spidey - MTU and Peter Parker.  I started collecting these as well.  At the time, I also watched the Saturday morning Superfriends cartoons (it was early around 7am?) featuring the DC superheroes.  Spiderman was completely different from Superman and the other more familiar DC superheroes.  He was young, had everyday struggles (such as paying th

Ms. Marvel 1

My collection of Women of Marvel - First Appearances began with Ms. Marvel 1. I didn't start out intending to collect this set. I ran across Ms. Marvel while searching eBay and bought a set of 23 issues from the 1977 edition on an impulse. I bought a few more sets and individual copies and before long I amassed about 500 raw copies of the 1977 Ms. Marvel series. As I started to get into graded comics I sent in my best copies of issue 1 for grading and was amazed that one of them came back at 9.8

Another Upgrade!

Yay! After realizing that I didn't have to have CGC 9.8 copies right away in my DC Bicentennial Set, I've been able to upgrade my set twice so far. Last upgrade was from a 9.4 to 9.6 WP of Blitzkrieg 4 (adding 50 points to my set total) and now a 9.6 WP of Batman Family 6 (adding 52 points)! Wasn't sure about being able to upgrade from my 9.4 copy because the 9.8 versions have been listed at over $1,400 on eBay which is too much for me. But I saw a 9.6 WP version being auctioned on ComicLin

Slabs of Signature signings by Dan Jurgens. YAY

Another fun time opening up a box from CGC with the youngest nephews.  My brother convinced me to try out the whole green screen thing aka background soooo I did thus the results are pretty rough  .  So as of today being Sunday, the last set of books that consist of Howard Porter's signature are still at the "Receiving" stage so probably maybe by the middle of February I'll see them..... then after new slab stuff my wallet says I can afford to send more old comic books down to be gra

The Fall of Yellowjacket

I've begun video recording my podcast episodes, and have started uploading them to the ol' YouTube, so if you missed it, here's the three-part discussion of Avengers #211-230, the Fall of Yellowjacket:            


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Signature Signing from writer Peter David.

It has been awhile because of the waiting period for slabs to come back and finally getting around to posting the video of the unboxing. In this video I shared my experience with my oldest niece and nephew cause they hardly read comic books but now they know the process of preserving somewhat old books.  When I'm an elder, I will be asking them to do the job for me.    This is the first set of books that have come back, the Dan Jurgens books are currently at the Grading stage and the ones from H

2020: War Is Hell

August 2020 Frontline Combat #14 ($25.00 + shipping = $29.60) Two-Fisted Tales #21 ($20.00) + Frontline Combat #10 ($35.00) = $55.00 Total amount spent on war comics in 2020: $84.60 33.3% were Mercari purchases 66.7% were bought locally None are for sale! 


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2020 Spending On Comics

So in previous years, I had tried to keep track of how much I "spent" yearly on comics. I am farrrrrr from someone who buys and sells to the extent of some but I do enough selling and have for years to fund the hobby. This year, I wanted to see what that would look like and I want to continue this in future years.  After all is said and done, this year I spent a total of $671 CAD (or about $524 USD) on comics. Below are some highlights added to the PC from within that spending... -Terr


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Merry Christmas from Wonder Woman 84!

I've been busy doing a bunch more videos, including my reaction/review of Wonder Woman 84:       I also did this video about Christmas specials, especially from Archie:       And I celebrated my wedding anniversary, so I decided to do a quick look at three anniversary issues that I particularly like:    


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Hulk 181 Slab & Statue Combo

Two key “collecting milestones” for me were getting a hold of a copy of Hulk 181 (a 3.0 SS signed by Len Wein and Herb Trimpe), and later on, one of the Sideshow Collectibles diorama statues based on that iconic cover. Showed both here side by side with a graded 7.0 I’d acquired more recently, amidst a backdrop of 181 facsimiles and other slabs in my custom display cabinet/ drawer.


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Celebrity Signatures and Shots!

Haven’t posted a journal here in a loooong time, and have never attached a hyperlink to a journal post before (so not sure if this will work). Below is a link to a Custom Set I’ve been trying to update for the last several months.  Focus is on comic books signed by celebrities (actors/ actresses).  Another thing “unique” about it (I think!) is that I’ve also been trying to create photos to go with each slab showing the comic book along with a few of my other collectibles (statues, figures,


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My newest custom set

I remember as a kid in the early 60’s reading all the old war comics. I read Superman, Batman and all the rest but somehow the war comics stuck. Joe Kubert quickly became a favorite with Sgt. Rocks tattered clothing along with the Haunted tank’s crew.     Originally  I asked Matt to create a Joe Kubert cover set but was told that I would have to supply the issue numbers and certification numbers as well. I had hoped to include the hundreds of covers that I don’t have plus I really have no idea


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Hello Marvel!

Everything changed in 1979.  What didn't attract me suddenly became intriguing.  In 1979, I bought my first Marvel, Fantastic Four #204 off the rack.  Something about that cover, the more complex art, fighting scene, and colors seemed more interesting to me than Richie Rich.  Since then, I started collecting just about every Marvel title I could get my hands on.  Soon afterwards, I discovered how to properly store the books - acid-free boards and boxes and Mylars.  Within a couple of years, I ha



The Crimebusters #3 interviews, and a look at my complete run of Boy Comics!

Howdy, folks!   Just a couple quick updates. Firstly, there's just under 72 hours left in the Kickstarter for the third issue of my comic book series, The Crimebusters, so if you were planning on checking it out but haven't gotten around to it yet, now's the time!   I also have a couple interviews to share with yous. Firstly, in this video, I speak with artist Julie Oliveira, who drew the Trixie's Mysteries variant cover for The Crimebusters #3:    



It all started with Archie, Richie Rich, Walt Disney

I started reading Richie Rich, Casper and Walt Disney comics back in the 1970's.  I also had over 100 Archie digests.  I don't recall the exact moment I read my first comic, but I do remember going to the corner drug store a couple blocks away and buying comics.  I still have the comics, but threw out the Archie digests just last year.  Here are some recent pictures of the Richie Rich books.  These books currently fill up one short box. I eventually outgrew the Richie Rich and Archie, but I




Academia raises us to believe that real books do not have pictures.  I have spent 4 decades in an almost Augustinian austerity, avoiding and abstaining from any look towards graphic novels and comics.   I have never been able to read a comic without feeling ashamed that I am not being productive, that I am doing something less than reading.  I still feel that way.  However, nothing is fixed.  Time transforms everyone and everything.  That which seemed worthless now has great value.  Maybe my old



The Crimebusters Launch Party

For those who might have missed it, The Crimebusters #1-3 is now live on Kickstarter! And thanks to all your support, we've hit the initial goal, so thank you. I really, truly appreciate it so much.  Still two weeks to go in the campaign, though, and I'm hoping to bring in some new readers, and bring back some old readers, so I'll be announcing the first stretch goals tomorrow. In the meantime, I did a live launch party on YouTube. If you missed it live, you can watch the reply now!