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No space!



How do we manage our growing CGC collections?

Because of the nature of my work, over the last several of years my comic and CGC collecting activities have been constrained by an inability to have CGC's I purchase online delivered direct to my residence overseas (I have them shipped to my hometown address).

So over the holidays, I went back home, eagerly anticipating opening, storing and registering CGC's I'd been processing and having graded over the last 12 months. Ended up sorting through over 250 slabs. The feeling was awesome, and I have to admit there was a considerable amount of excitement as I opened dozens of boxes (from CGC, Metropolis, Worldwide, and a host of other folks I'd transacted with), saw the number of books I was registering growing (200 before, 460 now), and my overall points/set rankings jump up significantly in just a few days.

Which now leads to a somewhat pleasant albeit real dilemma: How does one sustain this hobby going forward? As I'm sure most of us would appreciate, unslabbed books and boxes take up a huge amount of space, not to mention CGC's. I currently have nearly 500 slabs stored in about 1/2 a dozen jumbo-sized airtight plastic containers. While I'm sure my purchase and collection this year will be nowhere near the level it was in the last few years (ie was able to complete a few sets I was targetting to date, and now really just focusing on upgrading), this still poses a problem in the future. I've sold a few items here and there, but unless I either win the lottery or go into more active selling/trading of the CGC's and books I'm willing to part with (something I dread), I will run out of storage space. Its an even bigger problem where I come from (Manila), where the comic and CGC collecting community is very limited.

This will be top of mind for me over the year.

Happy collecting!

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