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Third round submissions



Modern age books

So I have my third round of submissions packaged and ready to ship out tomorrow. I decided to save a little money and just send a few modern age books. They are as follows:

Book====My grade

Amazing Spider-Man 238====9.2

Battle Chasers(Red Monika Variant)====9.4

Dark Horse Presents Annual 1998====9.6

Green Lantern 201(first Kilowog)====9.2

Incredible Hulk 340====9.4

Iron Man 282====9.8

New Mutants 98====9.4

All in all a nice set of good looking keys. There are not many graded copies of Green Lantern 201 and DHP Annual 1998. With the new GL movie coming I thought Kilowog's first app. may be more sought after. My Iron Man 282 is beautiful! Part of me really hopes that it would grade 9.9 because I really cannot see a single flaw in it. Not a stress or a tear even by the staples. Corners are so sharp they could cut you! The ASM 238 still has the tattoo inside, not that it matters. OPG says the tattoo no longer affects the grade because people were swapping it out with a similar one found in a FF issue from the same month. The Battle Chasers ish is just a guilty pleasure of mine. I love Joe Mad art and the cover is just plain sexy! My last round of submissions still has not even been graded. Once they have I will post the results along with my grades and see how they stack up! Thanks for reading and happy collecting!

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