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My Latest CGC Submission



Success...and waiting...

I'd recently shipped 30 silver age Dell/Gold Key Turok Son of Stone books for CGC grading, and very happy to note that they're now in "Verified" status. Why the elation?

1. This was my first CGC submission for the year, with the last one being roughly a year ago. Part of my self-imposed 2010 new year's resolution to stop myself from overspending in the hobby (quite expensive as I ship from overseas), and set aside funds on a monthly basis to save up for a batch submission. Right now I have another batch waiting to be shipped (all modern books, including what I hope to be min 9.6 or higher grade Avengers/Invaders, my personal 'read once and subsequently carefully stored' Marvels set, and assorted unread Turok Dinosaur Hunter issues), but need to save up for a few months for this.

2. I'd had about 8 raw book batch submissions to CGC to date (including this one), and had a terrible experience with my last submission where books I'd submitted were inadvertently damaged during shipping. The boards I'd inserted inbetween the bagged and boarded individual issues apparently did not have sufficient allowances in the edges - should be at least 1", mine were about half that - to protect the books. So now I'm paranoid, and apart from following the 1" rule, I placed the items in a conveniently sized hard plastic container purchased from Ikea(costs about $5) prior to shipping. Seems like it did the trick this time, thankfully.

3. In a few of my earlier submissions, it took two weeks to move status from "Received" to "Verified". And on many occassions the books were shipped well over the regular time expected. This batch, took less than a week to move to "Verified" so I hope the batch moves quickly through other stages in CGC's pipeline.

4. I really look forward to having this particular batch slabbed. Took me a while to accumulate these from various sources (e.g. Metropolis, Worldwide, Neatstuff plus the occassional Ebay purchase) given the scarcity and relatively limited print run of the series, and my intent at this point is to high grade my existing complete Turok set to a minimum 8.5 (I'm realistic, unless of course I win the lottery or something) or higher.

All for now. It's always been a great pleasure to be part of this forum and the CGC collecting community. Reading through fellow member journals and the occasional chat board post is one of the highlights of my day, as its always nice to know that there are a multitude of fellow collectors out there enjoying the hobby, experience and journey as much as I am.

Happy collecting!

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