Amazing Spider-man #92 CGC 9.6 WP



Latest addition, or I blame Tnerb...

You know what? Writing these journals is almost as much fun as collecting the comics themselves?I said ALMOST!

So in an attempt to be fiscally responsible this year, I pledged not to buy any CGC books in 2011, period. Well, I couldn?t even make it to March and I blame Tnerb! ?Check out this auction? he tells me. ?You don?t have to place the winning bid, just bid? he tells me. So what do I do? I place the bid and win the book! Just kidding Tnerb, I appreciate the head?s up on this one and I?m actually very happy with my purchase and the price. It didn?t hurt that I had a really nice bonus at work either.

This book now becomes my oldest CGC 9.6 to date (January 1971) and it even has White pages. Man that was 40 years ago! How crazy is that? I often wonder how the book stayed in such great shape all these years?bags and boards haven?t been around that long and we all know how easy it is to damage a book (just check out this journal from Lee K Whoever the original owner was, you know they loved the book and took the necessary steps to keep it safe all these years. Thanks to the great protection provided by the CGC case it?s in now I will continue to look after this gem for years to come!

So not only is this my oldest CGC 9.6 but it?s also the first appearance of an X-man (Iceman) since the team?s flagship title was cancelled (March 1970). That alone was enough to put this book at the top of my wish list so I?m really happy to have it safely tucked away in my collection now where it belongs. Now if I could just figure out how to display it?I?ve seen those wooden frames you can buy that let you slide the books in and out, but I?m not sure I?m sold on the idea of a wooden frame.

Well now that I have the ASM #92, what?s next on my wish list you ask? I don?t want to say right now because I know Tnerb will find it and then I?ll have to buy it! lol! Who knows, maybe I will end up with another CGC book or two this year after all, we?ll see. J

Til next time?






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