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A peek into the future



What if?

It's the year 2020.

The live action "JLA/Avengers: Part III" is breaking all box-office records. Happy news for the now combined Walt Disney / Time-Warner Marvel - DC Comics conglomerate, as this follows the heels of its successful Marvel/DC Universe animated series.

'Walking Dead' is in its 10th season, still going strong. Now in HD3D interactive TV. Robert Kirkman is on the cover of Time magazine.

Its the 3rd year anniversary of the successful merger between CGC and PGX, and their combined registry. Differences e.g. imperfections in relative grading have been resolved, and the no. of registered collectors have quadrupled since 2011. Because of the influx of collectors and resurgence in popularity, gold/silver/bronze/copper age slabbing costs drop to $10 a book ($ 7.50 if its sent as a 30-book batch) with a 10-day turnaround. Imaging provided free of charge.

A 5.0 grade 'Action Comics 1' sells for $5 million in a Comic Connect auction.

Modern age books finally reach similar relative price levels as Silver age issues 10 years ago.

500,000 visitors registered in SDCC '20.

CGC Registry points roughly equate to about $5 per point, market value.

All comics ever published 1938 onward now available for download online.

Aliens vs Predator vs Terminator vs GI Joe vs Transformers vs Robocop vs Archie volume 3 issue no. 1 hits the stands

Life is good. Ok, I'm willing to settle for a small drop in CGC slabbing costs, or even quicker turnaround times, how about that? :)

Happy collecting!

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