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Swamp Thing #9



Swamp Thing #9

Cover Impressions:

Looks like Dr. Kay is going to cap Swampy. Kathy is a pillar of flame and Feldner looks like a mummy after getting set on fire by Kathy in the previous issue.




Swamp Thing #9 (January, 1983)

Cover Price: $.60
Title: Prelude to Holocaust
Writer-Martin Pasko
Art-Jan Duursema/Tom Mandrake (Cover: Yates)
Editor-Len Wein
Colorist-Tatjana Wood
Letterer-John Costanza

First artist tag out of the series. Yates still provides the cover.

Issue Recap:

This issue picks up with Dennis, Liz, Swamp Thing and Reef flying the mentally created helicopter back to the US. However the wounded Reef dies and causing the helicopter to crash. Meanwhile Dr. Kay and Milton discuss Kathy's maturation into a woman and her growing power after burning Feldner to a crisp. In the background Grasp is spying on them and reports back to Gen. Sunderland who tasks him with killing both Kay and Swamp Thing. Kay then takes Feldner to a Sunderland facility to restore his health.

Later Liz, Dennis and Swamp Thing return to the Dennis's clinic to search for Feldner. However they find it abandoned but they do find some secret files that reveal the Dr Kay is really and ex-Nazi named Helmut Kripptimann. Soon afterwards Dr. Kay and Milton show up to capture them. Milton begins to use his psychic powers to cause Swampy to mutate and entangle both Liz and Dennis. The issue ends with Dr. Kay offering to team up, to which Dennis replies "go to hell."


This issue gets back on track with the Kathy/Dr. Kay/Sunderland plot. These early issues have been at there best when following that story-line. Though I'm not to sure I like Dr. Kay much anymore since he is an ex-Nazi. Perhaps next issue will explain things a bit more.


Back to the main plot of the book.


A lot of jumping around locations which was a bit confusing.

Grade: B



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