Completing, Upgrading & Expanding (aka CUE'ing)



A never-ending quest

Seeing Amazing Saul's recent journal on upggrading inspired me write this up.

Over the past several months, I've finally been able to complete my Turok Son of Stone set in the registry. Took several years to do this, and I'm sure many of you can relate to the feeling of fulfillment one gets when one is able to complete a favorite set.

So what's next?

On one hand I've been able to meet one of my primary collecting goals. On the other hand, there is that ever-present temptation to continuously upgrade issues in my set to a higher grade. I have a handful of issues in my Turok set for which I feel I could get higher grades at an affordable price for me, so I'll continue to pursue this. Also, there's also a temptation to 'expand' the set by getting 'special issues', which could take the form of special one-shots or mini-series (e.g. in Turok's case, 3 issues of Western Publishing's March of Comics giveaway series published in the early 70's which I was also just recently able to procure), or some nice foreign edition copies. For the latter (and I recall Liaton-9000 published a related journal on this recently) I felt fortunate enough to come across reasonably priced Turok #1 foreign editions over the past several months (an Italian/Spada edtion circa 1972, a Spanish/Mexican edition circa 1958, and a black & white Australian edition circa 1958 also), many of which I am hoping to slab once I have saved up for it later in the year.

I find that part of the interest too lies in doing some research to try and find more information about these relatively 'obscure' titles and editions, and subsequently trying to see if there are any issues out there put up for sale or auction.

The journey just gets more and more interesting.

Thanks for reading, and happy CGC collecting!




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