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Displaying CGC Books In My Comic Room



I have 858 CGC books.  Actually, that's 858 in my registry sets.  If you also count the ones not in my sets, I'm probably well over 900. 

One thing about slabs, they take up a lot of room.  I have 12 CGC boxes so I store many of my slabs there.  I store the rest on shelves in my comic room.

In my old comic room, I displayed CGC books on wire shelves, somewhat like dealer walls at cons.  Below are a couple pictures from my old comic room.  These wire shelves did a good job at displaying books, but I could only store 1 or at most 2 deep.  So they were good with display but not storage.



When I was designing my new comic room about 3 summers ago, I knew I had to made the shelves deeper.   My new room is much smaller than my old room, so I couldn't afford to have shelves that could only store slabs 1 or 2 deep. 

In my new comic room, there's a main wall that's all shelves.  Below is a picture of version 1 of the shelves.  You'll see at the top I have a tall shelf to store original art.  Below that art shelf (and above too, although you can't see them in this picture) are shelves to store CGC books.  The shelves were just under 6 inches deep.  Within a year though, I was already running out of space.


So last summer I re-did the shelves.  Below is a picture of version 2.  The shelves are much bigger, about twice as deep.  I added 2x4 beams to support the weight of the greater number of books.  The shelf with my drill is sized height-wise to hold original art.  Most of the others are sized to hold slabs.  I do have a couple shorter shelves that can hold comics in Mylar, but aren't tall enough to hold slabs.  This variation in heights was done to make maximum use of the wall.  You might ask, "what is that window doing at the back of the shelves?"  Well, as I explained in an earlier post, my new comic room is in an addition to our beach house, and that's a bedroom window (the bedroom is obviously on the other side of the wall).  The contractor was going to charge me to take out the window and replace it with drywall.  I can't remember exactly how much, but it was over $1000.  I told him not to bother with it.  The art I display on the shelf blocks the window so no one in that bedroom can see into my room.


Below are pictures of those shelves with stuff on them.  Thanks for reading.








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