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My Punisher War Journal (:-=

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On February 10, 1974 Amazing Spider-Man #129 was released, and so was the first appearance of Frank Castle--The Punisher, coincidentally this was also the first comic I would pick off a spinner rack at the local corner store, and purchase. And So began my hobby of collecting comics.

Here we are 43 years later, and I still have this special issue today.. It has been through a lot, and shows, although I have an upgraded copy of this issue the value of this one is priceless in memories for me. Happy Birthday Frank ...
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1 hour ago, STORMSHADOW_80 said:

Nice!! Did you get Hulk 181 off the rack the same year too?

:sorry:nope :cry:

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The Punisher Limited Series 1986 .....

 #1 -- This is the issue that grabbed my attention with an Amazing Zeck cover. After reading the limited series is when I can officially say I became a fan of The Punisher. Classic Covers, and a great story .. I was hooked!

Punisher (Limited) #01_B (2).jpg

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7 hours ago, STORMSHADOW_80 said:

That is an interesting article. I always thought they just expanded it to 5 issues.

Awesome mini series set!

Thanks. The series was pretty much a gamble by Marvel, breaking a lot of new territory for the company at the time.  I’m adding the Wikipedia link here for the limited series also.  More cool info. ??

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58 minutes ago, 1950's war comics said:

and your avatar is much better now too:golfclap:

Thanks--This is the Avatar I used on the boards for about 10 years, then after the arrival of the "new boards" I started changing it often, mostly to images from sketch covers that I own since I'm neither the owner of or the creator of this image.... However I'm changing back to this, at least so board members may recognize me better from it, since my board name is kind of confusing also.. :gossip: 


New England PATriots ,Kelly, Mike -- Favorite sports team, Wifes name, My name.....Nepatkm -- There you go mystery solved...(thumbsu



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The Punisher (Vol.2) 1987 - 1st Ongoing Series

This Series!! - I am trying to complete this series/set in CGC 9.8, Why is it so important to me to have a CGC 9.8 complete set? Well.....

  • After the Limited Series came out, I (like many others) became very interested in the character.
  • This was the first time I actually went and picked up every issue of a series/character from issue #1 until the series ended at issue #104 along with 7 Annuals-faithfully without missing a single issue picking it up monthly, or bi-weekly .. whenever it came out.. Faithfully!
  • When this series was starting they were also Finishing of High school, and start of college days for me, which means these issues were read, and enjoyed! Not just by me, but my roomates, and friends in the dorm, and others later as I moved on with life. These issues were enjoyed by many people, so the condition of my originals=:cloud9: :flamed:Well read and loved by many. 
  • Many ups and downs through these times in my life from the ages of 17-25 (prime of life) college, moving to a different state, love lost, and found .. the struggles of making it on my own, and working 3 jobs to do so--yet, I still found the time (and the money) to pick up every issue of this series as it came out faithfully.  

YES, this series means something to me, so call me Crazy, but I set out to complete this set in CGC 9.8 - and I will :smirk::wishluck: 

I will be posting my best copy (or 2) of each issue of this series, many of which hold very special memories to me.. Thanks for looking, and please feel free to comment. :smile:

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Issue #1- “Marching Powder”

Great Issue, instead of my recollection of the issue, I will post a link to the wiki page (much more detailed) I have 2 graded copies at the time.. a Direct edition, and a Newsstand version, and of course my original copy

--Here are the first 3 pages of the issue to kick things off..




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Punisher #2 -

( Went through a couple copies of this issue :p)

( I have 2 CGC graded 9.8 copies ) 

The Punisher #02 (3).jpg

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2 hours ago, STORMSHADOW_80 said:

Very nice. Do you know what was up with the skull on the first few issues? Why it didn't have a nose?

Well for this issue, The Punisher touches up his body armor with spray paint , in this scene.  

That explains the unusual skull for this cover. The rest I believe was just Klaus Jansons take on the Punisher at the time. (shrug) Interesting question, as I never really thought of the other issues. I Just think that every artist interprets The Punishers look ( and skull ) differently. 


Edited by nepatkm

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Thanks for the post. I forgot about the spray on skull for that issue. That would make sense somewhat. You're probably right. Just his take on it.

If i ever meet Klaus I'll ask him about it.

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