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My Punisher War Journal (:-=

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On February 10, 1974 Amazing Spider-Man #129 was released, and so was the first appearance of Frank Castle--The Punisher, coincidentally this was also the first comic I would pick off a spinner rack at the local corner store, and purchase. And So began my hobby of collecting comics.

Here we are 43 years later, and I still have this special issue today.. It has been through a lot, and shows, although I have an upgraded copy of this issue the value of this one is priceless in memories for me. Happy Birthday Frank ...
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Punisher #95 -

( I have 2 graded CGC 9.8 copies - Direct & Newstand. )


The Punisher #95 (Newstand).jpg

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**There are 2 different covers to this issue--Foil Frank Teran ( Variant ), and the Michael Golden Cover—-

-- I Wish that CGC would recognize this in the registry, I've tried to get them both added....Many times :sorry:

Punisher #100 - Foil, Frank Teran Cover

The Punisher #100.jpg

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Punisher #100 - Michael Golden 

( One of,... if not My Favorite Punisher Covers off all time!!!  :cloud9: , I have 2 CGC 9.8 copies.)

The Punisher #100 Variant.jpg

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That's the 1987 first regular series. Will scan the raw issues soon.


As of now I am missing  11 issues complete this set in CGC 9.8, ( 8 issues not graded yet)  I still need the following issues,

#57(newsstand),62,77,78,79,82,84,88,90,96,97 ( Bold = No graded issue yet. ) :frustrated: Definitely a lot harder set to complete in CGC 9.8 than I thought it would be 11 years ago......:pullhair:

-Oh yeah, also in this set are 7 Annuals for the 1987 series... 


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Thanks for looking, I will be back with more Punisher issues later... :blahblah:

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