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Swamp Thing #11



Still rolling along...

Swamp Thing #11

Cover Impressions:

Swamp Thing vs The Golem, nuff said!




Swamp Thing #11 (March, 1983)

Cover Price: $.60
Title: Heart of Stone, Feat of Clay
Writer-Martin Pasko
Art-Tom Yates (Cover: Yates)
Editor-Len Wein
Colorist-Tatjana Wood
Letterer-John Costanza

Back to the original crew.

Issue Recap:

This issue begins with a couple page recap of the series up till now. Dr. Kay also revels more of his background and not only was he a holocaust survivor, he also collaborated with the Germans as a Kapo while imprisoned at Dachau. Still not liking Dr. Kay's explanation,  Dennis punches Kay and they begin a fisticuff. Afterwards Dennis and Liz leave to return to the hotel, where they research Swamp Thing's disease that is slowly killing him. Dr. Kay, Milton and the rest of Kay's agents begin to create a Golem to stop Kathy.

Meanwhile Kathy acquires the Pendulum of von Ruhnstedt. Shortly thereafter the Golem finds Kathy, which she easily dispatches with her increased power from the Pendulum. Swampy joins the battle against Kathy and he to is defeated. Milton is able to repair the Golem, but Kathy flees before the battle can be rejoined. However with Kathy gone, the Golem goes berserk and attacks Swamp Thing due to Kathy's locket that he wears. 


Well the battle between the Golem and Swamp Thing didn't really happen due to issue ending. I'm guessing the that will be in the next issue.  The  only thing I thought was a bit dumb was Dennis and Liz with a microscope at the hotel room researching the disease. Kinda strange that somebody would haul lab equipment to Europe with them in my opinion. Overall another solid issue.

Grade: B



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