Why?...... Why Not!



Life, Desire.......... and one of a kind(OAK) comics.

I often wonder why I feel the way I do about certain graded comics that show up from time to time. Sometimes it's just because I'm trying to put together a complete set. Sometimes it's because I'm just wanting to own a one of a kinder (OAK). Sometimes it's because of how it causes nostalgia from my youth.

I'm always seeing issues that I would like to bid on, but I'm very careful and selective with what I go after. Otherwise I would literally spend thousands and thousands of dollars in no time at all. I might have some extra money from month to month but I'm not rich by any stretch of the imagination.

There are many different reasons why I would focus on any given issue, and when a couple showed up for auction that caught my attention, I just drooled over them for a few days.......... then bid on them.......... then won them!

One was because I'm putting together a set of Dazzler, so getting the OAK 9.8 copy of Marvel Graphic Novel #12 was a no-brainer. But it was also signed by the great Bill Sienkiewicz!!! OH YEAH!

But there was also a copy of Marvel Graphic Novel #8, ALSO 9.8, ALSO signed by Sienkiewicz, ALSO OAK!!!

Now, neither of these are necessarily highly sought after, or super valuable, or major movers and shakers in the grand scheme of comic history. But they ARE issues that I need in order to get closer to a complete set of Marvel Graphic Novels, and both are OAK issues. The sigs sealed it for me, so I went for 'em and got 'em!

Remember everyone, this collecting community is about getting what you're interested in and talking about it with others who understand your feelings and desires when it comes to this great hobby of ours. It's so great to be able to communicate with others who share your love of comics and stories and life in general. You guys are all great, and make this hobby more and more wonderful every day!

Thank you everybody.


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