Journal of a new collector -Miraclemet



New to the HG and Golden Age collecting world I wanted to journal my slow descent into comic collecting madness.

After a 15 year absence from comics (a child reader in the 80s) I dove back into the current slate of comics 5 years ago, but after event fatigue and moving from the weekly Wednesday grind to trade reading Ive refocused my collecting sights on Golden Age comics, High Grade slabbed comics, and anything else that I think is "cool".

I've been on these boards for a few months, buying here, selling there, posting this, reading that... and Im nearing my first CGC submission. I have a small stack of slab-worthy books, mostly Golden Age Planet comics, and a few high grade Silvers that I love and want to preserve. Why CGC? Well partially cause I like the look of a nice slabbed book, also I like the certified grading. Part of me also knows that should I need to liquidate, a CGCed book will sell much easier than an uncertified book.

Here on the eve of December 1 my CGC collection stands at 16 books. Only one high $$ book, a Planet Comics #36 CGC 7.5 from the Nick Cage collection that I bought on the boards at current GPA prices. All of my other slabs right now are lower $$ books, many costing less that the cost of slabbing that Ive pinched either from ebay or the board sales.

Im trying to limit my buys to the following loose catagories:

Golden Age Sci-Fi (Planet Comics mostly, but anything cool)

Silver Age Sci-Fi (Adam Strange covers mostly if I can get a deal)

Green Lantern any-all (avoiding the high $$ Adams/O'Neil run at the moment)

Amazing Spider-Man 100-200 (again looking for deals on 9/6-9/.8 books)

Star Wars complete run in 9.8 (only if there's a deal to be had)

Of course sticking to my collections doesn't always work. I've ended up with a few Fantastic Fours that just had awesome covers, and a random Godzilla #8 slab (Godzilla vs Red Ronin).

To close here's a shot of my Planet Comics #36 from the Nick Cage collection




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