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Some things I just dont get...



but to each his own...

Everyone has their niche in the hobby. We cant all collect everything, so everyone picks their poison. Maybe its Silver age keys. Maybe its a high grade run of that favorite title from childhood. Maybe its a favorite character, artist, or publisher.

I can appreciate many peoples specialties, but some I just cant seem to find a foothold for interest in. And when the market on those books is low I understand that its a small niche and the market is reacting accordingly (say Golden Age Jungle comics, not my thing, but they are for some, and relatively affordable).

There are some collector titles, that have higher price points, but I just don't understand the love. Ever since returning to the hobby I've been befuddled by the high prices that 70s Silver Surfer comics command, and to a lesser degree Sub-Mariner. What is their pull? Is it the managable set size ( 36 issues of Silver age Silver Surfer) There are 178 sets started on CGC of Surfer and 103 Submariner sets. Both series started up in 1968, and ther e is even a special CGC set that includes them (Marvel 1968 Series Starters) along with other big hitter #1s like Iron Man and relaunches of Captain America (#100) Dr Strange (#169) and Incredible Hulk (#102).

Are they collected beacuse of their easy price point? I cant imagine. Surger averages over $2300 in 9.4 NM condition while Submariener is a far more affordable $400 in 9.4. The surfer nets you 2000 point on your Collection score, while Mariner scores you 750.

All I can point to is their availability (1600 on census of Surfer & 1085 for Sub-Mariner)and that they are #1s from an era of collectors who are probably empty nesters with well established incomes and some disposable cash by this point. If you bought Surfer #1 off the news stand in 1968 as an 8 year old you are 51 and probably have more disposable income than someone yonger, or someone older who has their eyes on retirement.

Is someone can explain the Surfer & Subby love and their collectability especially their proximity to headliners like Iron Man, Thor and such I'd love to hear about it.



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