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A Slap in the face but moving on.



Thanks for the memories.

I totally agree with what Lee K wrote about in his journal about the $5 handling fee. It's an insult and an outrage to charge that when thats part of CGC's business in the first place is to handle our books with care, next they will tell us there is a $2.50 surcharge for rubber gloves when handling each book as well. Ive decided that enough is enough and the greed of every company including comic grading has gone too far. Also the turn around time is ridiculously too long and it makes me wonder what the hell am I paying these High prices for grading and that doesn't even include my shipping costs to and from CGC. Its time I look elsewhere for getting my books graded such as PGX who.grade their books faster with no membership fee, which I won't be renewing in 2012.



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