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Waiting Game Test and some thoughts



Yeah, we get mad at CGC... and I hate these teaser sections.

So today is the "20th" day on my express coupon submissions, so I'm just waiting out the rest of the day, hoping they are on deck and done by the day's end.

But in the end, it won't matter if they are "on time" or miss by a day or even a week.

Sometimes when I get mad at the turnaround times (talking about my 5 month waits from the past), I think about PGX. Here's the things I reflect on:

Why do I grade a comic? To lock in a value, especially on the older midgrades from Silver and Golden age, so it's easier to insure and/or sell the item for a fair value in the future.

Why should I go to PGX? Because "it's cheaper and they turn it around faster".

Why should I pay more and wait for CGC? This is a tough one. I think it's the reputation. And when I look at the bottom of the CGC collector society screen and see the numismatic page links and the collectibles links, I realize there is some gravitas to the CGC rating that will be there in another 10, 20, 30 years.

PGX? Not sure what their chances are of being around in 30 years. I envision myself in a flea market at age 80 trying to explain what a comic book is, and then explaining what a PGX is.

So I think I'm putting my long term books, my long investments and my permanent collection in CGC.

I am a CGC fan, but I also have not used the other product (though I have bought some PGXs at deep discounts and then had them regraded for the same/better grade in isolated cases). So I'm going to do this in the interest of research. I'll let you all know how it goes, and I welcome, yes welcome, cheers and jeers.



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