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Take A Deeper Look At the New 2012 Fees



it's not just a price hike people....

Since this is the new popular thread, here's my input. I understand a revision to the grading fees: $1, $2, and such to the grading teirs. that's understandable since it's been a while since they revised it and they probably need the additional funds to support operating fees and to hire additional staff (per the careers section of cgc's site they are currently hiring). However, the handling fee makes no sense. that's a slap in the face. its a charge "simply because they can" fee, similar to what Bank of America tried to pull on their customers, and we all know how that went. as much as PGX would like to say that they are a competitor in the market, they are not and the people at cgc know this, thus the greedy are showing their greed and the consumer has to pay as a result. cgc is undermining its consumer base by assessing this fee, and many will jump ship believe it or not. if PGX was smart, they would capitalize on this moment and show that they can be a force and reliable company in this market.

i guess the biggest reason why the handling fee makes no sense is because i already pay a $99 membership fee for direct submission privledges. shouldn't my handling be included in that? i'm already ticked that certain signature series opportuntities are barred to me for direct submission via exclusivity deals cgc has made (ah hem, ask them to witness a Stan Lee at a show and see what happens) thus costing me more and preventing me from tracking my books on the collectors society site, but now you're telling me you need your hand in my pocket even more? so what is my membership fee for anyways, can you explain that to me again? oh, 3 free submissions. lets look at that a little deeper too:

you shortened the turnaround from 20 to 15 days (ok, thats kinda cool). but what's this, the value has dropped from $3000 to $1000 on the books i can submit? so the really expensive books i had been saving to get graded for 2012 i can no longer submit with my coupon... if i have to pay to get them graded anyways, please explain why i need to be a member and pay you my $99? i don't...

i like to fast track for certain books i want back soon for various reasons. but you want $10 instead of $8 for that now too, please explain why? was $10 a rounder, more even number? honestly, i don't think people should be able to fast track (even though i use the system). I only use the service because its available, but in theory, its a disservice to everyone else in line. you are basically saying, "because these people can pay more we need to grade these books first". thats a horrible philosopy to have, teach, and practice. my books are no more important than the next guy's books, but because i am a little better off economically and can slide you a little something something you'll take care of me? if they did away with fast track, i wouldn't mind. honestly i wouldn't and i only use it cause i can. but cgc needs to be honest with EVERYONE and finally guarantee turnaround times. if you can grade my books in 10 days, you certainly can grade someone else's in 20. maybe you should start counting these show fridays or put in some overtime hours like everyone else in America when the going gets tough. its called a responsibility to your consumers, ask SoCal Edison workers who had to work 24/7 recently when half of Los Angeles lost power because of the recent storms in the area. did they want to work those hours, probably not, but they knew they had customers that depended on their services so the work and overtime was necessary until the job got done, which by the way, it still isn't.

so cgc, or should i say, "fee g fee", to roll out a new fee structure without so much as an honest and detailed explaination is an insult. you will not be getting as much of my business in 2012 until you guys come clean with what's goin on in florida from top to bottom. there are other alternatives to cgc and you need me and the like more than i need you.



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