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Hindsight is 20/20

Entry posted by pgbeckstrom · - 2,987 views

If a $5 handling fee is what it takes to get you members to act; then great!

CGC is standing alone in this business of third party grading. They are in bed with all the major comic companies and dealers. Thy charge a $5 handling fee because they know as comic collectors we will pay it. Until a better company comes along CGC will continue to exploit the consumer to make more money. CGC's first business is to make money and they have proven that time and again. There are some of you who are brand loyal to them. It is understandable, given that no other third party grading company can compare to CGC. It is for that reason that CGC will keep nickel and diming us.

None can meet the standards set by CGC currently. I have talked with Daniel from PGX personally and I believe he is on the right track. He knows what needs to be done, but has yet to do it. As collectors we have everything to gain from PGX, and other third party grading companies, that meet the proper standards and challenge CGC. CGC does not have a definitive monopoly right now, but they essentially have one. When CGC is given equal competition we all stand to gain. CGC's business model is a reflection of what Americans are standing up against across the United States. Truly take a step back and look through an objective lens at the facts.

I am done with CGC. I will no longer be adding to my registry account and will no longer post. I am done with grading for now and will proverbially "put my money where my mouth is". I was up for renewal on 12/6 and refused to do it.

This journal is undoubtedly going to upset some of you. I hope so. For others I hope this journal is impetus enough to stand up and defend your hobby from injustice and greed. Make a stand; put what needs to be done above your own desires. Shake off any apathy you may carry. Be responsible. Be accountable. Just be something.

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