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Bob Loblaw. Why are you here (with added bonus content)



Time for flame wars.

Why are you here? what is the point of your flames? You have no sets, you only have two posts that enflame people, and while I didn't mind your first post, you obviously now have some kind of vendetta or insecurity.

Seriously. Answer me. Coward. Why are you even here?

*Revision starts here, and I'm going to start first by saying, forget about it. Don't answer my question:

If I don't like quilt knitting, I don't go out of my way to visit their knitting circles and call them names. Speaking of, your use of the word "person_having_a_hard_time_understanding_my_point", besides being insensitive, would guarantee I would never hire you... some of us, actually most of us, are just regular guys. I'm guessing you're either an 18 year old in his parents basement or some middle aged guy who has no outlet for aggression because your friends quite frankly don't care about your opinions. That's why you vent here.

The way I see it, you have two choices, shut up and slink away into the internet blackness, or keep going until you get booted. It's a matter of when, not if you get removed from here.

So either way, if we have to wait you out, that's fine, because after this posting I think we'll just put this issue of "you" in a shoebox and you'll be ignored here as you are in real life.

Have a nice day.



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