Uh Oh....



getting bit by the horror bug, must fight urges....

So far I have been able (largely thanks to my budget) to keep my collection to a relatively tight focus. Green Lantern (Original Hal era), Amazing Spider-Man (mostly 101-200 era), Star Wars and some Marvel Team-Ups constitute more than 75% of my newly forged collection. My raw to-be-submitted pile fall into the same categories, or my GA focus of Scifi (mostly Planet Comics).

But for the last few days my eye has wandered. Over on the boards there are plenty of Super Hero, Golden Age, and Sci-Fi collectors, but there are also those sub-groups that have not interested me... most notably War and Horror comics... and it is these horror comics that pull me strongest.

I am completely falling for the Lady in white; style covers from the DC 70s era. Now they are not all in white (and who knows if they are in fact ladies!) but they all have the same aesthetic appeal. They are not all in distress; though most are... Is this as far as my new found interest will spread into the horror genre? Will I find myself bidding crazy dollars on EC Tales from the Crypt this time next year? My wallet screams noooooooo! but who knows...

Update: The dam has broken, and I've bought my first lady in white Gothic horror book. Lord have mercy on my soul...

[disclaimer: the below images are not my books, just the images that are tempting me into buying them]




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