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First Submission finally 'graded'!



Iron Man #1, X-Men #12 (first appearance of Juggernaut), Tales of Suspense #81

After checking, rechecking, doublechecking and triplechecking every day for the past two weeks, my first order status has finally moved from 'verified' to 'graded.'

Quick history: I bought an Iron Man #1 labeled 'MINT!!!!' from a store several years ago, put all of my comics in storage and recently unearthed them to sell on eBay, etc. Of course it took 3 weeks to FIND the comics, and it they were in the absolute LAST box I unopened, but nonetheless I was pretty happy with the find.

First step was to take them to a local comic shop to get the owner's impression on any that might be of value. I figured the Iron Man #1 was close to mint, but as the owner pointed out, there were some minor imperfections and a glance of the side one could see the pages were no longer white. On the flip side, I also discovered that I had bought a beautiful copy of X-Men 12, probably at the same time that I bought #94,#95,#96, and #100 (which were not in the best shape). I also had a decent-looking Tales of Suspense #81.

After selling X-Men #94,#95,#96 and #100 as a lot on eBay for a decent price, probably about 85-90% to raw book value, I invested the some of the sale in a collectors society membership, and then waited for my coupon to show up in the mail. Within a couple of weeks I had shipped off Iron Man, X-Men #12 and TOS #81 to Florida for grading.

The comic shop owner figured each would fetch between a 6 or an 8 depending on who looked at the books. I was hopeful for 8 to 8.5, and perhaps a 7.5 on the TOS- which was again just a throw in.

Well, three weeks later my order status finally changed, and the results are as follows:

Iron Man #1 9.0 (off-white pages)

X-Men #12 9.2 (off-white pages)

TOS #81 8.5 (off-white pages)


Now I need to figure out if I'm going to try to flip these or hold on to them. Either way, the CGC book value on these jumped $2k over what I paid for them back in 1995.

Now I'm definitely going to have to submit another order before the year is out and the prices go up!

Can't wait to get these puppies back in my hands.



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