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Marvel Sticker Album

Remember back in the mid-80's when different companies would come out with sticker sets and then have comic-shaped albums that you could stick them into in order to display your collection?

I don't specifically remember which franchises did this, but I DO remember seeing quite a number of them. None of them interested me until Marvel took notice of the phenomenon and decided to copy the trend.

The Official Marvel Series Sticker Set came out in 1986, along with (go figure) a comic book that you could stick them into.

There were 77 stickers in the set and they came in packs just like baseball cards or whatever. The organization of these packs was completely random. This was before Magic: the Gathering had ever come out. From what I understand, they made the same number of each sticker, but who knew what stickers would come in a pack?

Anyway, I DID manage to put together a whole set of all 77 stickers AND the Sticker Album to put them in. I went ahead and actually stuck each sticker into it's rightful place in the album, which by the way has other background artwork in it as well.

Below is a scan of the actual Album. I wonder if I sent it in to CGC, how would they handle it?

I KNOW it won't get a 9.8, but it might manage a respectable 9.2 or 9.4.

Would it get a Qualified Grade since items were added to it from it's original state? Would they put on the label that "All 77 stickers are included"?? Would they base the grade on the condition of each and every sticker? How would they do this, I wonder?

What do you guys think?




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