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Scheduled for Depression

Entry posted by duckduckmike · - 2,991 views

Waiting for the shoe to drop

So I checked on my 20 day submission coupons and saw it was scheduled for grading. Great, right? Then I looked in to the received details for the first time... my X-Men number 3 is an Apparent SA.

It wouldn't have mattered if I knew this 19 days ago, yesterday, whenever, but it looks like I've got another hack job book. I'm going to go through my ebay receipts and other receipts to track down the seller, but I think this may have been the copy I picked up at the Pittsburgh Comic Con this year... and if that's where it was from, I know the face of the guy who sold it and will give him a talking to next time I see him.

I find a lot of the early X-Men ungraded go for much much cheaper than the CGCs, but this is the risk you run. I keep a pocket blacklight for checking color touches, but some things I still can't detect well in person if someone did a good enough job.

Oh well. Look for a purple graded X-Men 3 up on ebay in a couple weeks at a deep discount... because no one's going to buy that... I wanted this for my permanent collection. Sigh.

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