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The Social Network of CGC



lets try again and see if it makes it to the forums this time...

I'm enjoying seeing other peoples collections, poking around in sets that I don't personally collect, and sometimes looking at those collections that outpace mine that I do collect.

But at this point I think the registry lacks depth an sufficient layers to be more interesting than just staring at a spreadsheet.

There have been many complaints around CGC's price increases, and while I think CGC can best determine what is a market-right price for their service, I think there are some low hanging fruit for enriching the act of collecting via the CGC registry, which would make for a more robust experience and add provide some additional "value" to the cost of slabbing (what you get for what you spend)

1. I see that the registry allows you to "follow" other collectors. But I think this function is somewhat limited since it is nothing more than a list of links to the other peoples pages. For the collectors that you follow, would it be nice to have a note/alert/link show up when they add-to/change their collection?

2. When you look at the leader board it shows recent points changes (up and down) the problem is there is no way to know what that corresponds to. Registry A added 200 points, but if that registry has multiple collections (and most do) its almost impossible to see what was actually added. A "Recent Changes" link that just shows the inventory that has been changed in the last __(insert number of days here__ would be an easier way to see set changes.

What other features/functions do you think would add to the "community" feel of the registry?



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