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Low Content Mode Week, Anagram Style with Supergirl and Wonder Woman!



Low content mode week continues, as we delve deeper into the latest purchases for my collection, through the skewed lens of anagrams.

This next book I picked up off of eBay after a fellow boardie tipped me off that this is, in fact, the first use of the Supergirl masthead.


From what I could turn up, it does appear that The Brave And The Bold #63 from January 1965 is in fact the first usage.  It predates Action Comics #334 from March 1966 by over a year, which I would have guessed previously was the first.


All in all, a nice little bit of trivia that I was previously unaware of.

Now, on to the anagrams...

     Supergirl = pig rulers

     Kara Zor-El = kale razor

     Linda Lee Danvers = lavender denials or vanilla needs red

There's nothing there that gives us any secret insight into Supergirl, so let's try Wonder Woman...

     Wonder Woman = onward women

That's better, a nice feminine mantra hidden in plain sight!

Lastly, how about Multi-Face...

     Multi-Face = a cute MILF

I'm not so sure about that, but who am I to cast aspersions.  I journal, you decide....




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