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Low Content Mode Week, Anagram Style with Superman and Superboy!



Yesterday I mentioned that I'll pick up lower grade 12¢ books to help fill out the run if the price is right, well on these the price was right!



The focus of my collection is completing Action Comics and Superman, but I've slowly been filling out the secondary and tertiary titles as the opportunities present themselves.  After enjoying the heck out of @Silver's Superboy Complete thread over in the Silver Age Forum, I decided to bump the Superboy collecting up a notch as there are some great books in there.

Thanks to @SOLAR BOY for another killer sales thread that had some of those Superboy books I enjoyed seeing over in @Silver's thread.  And thanks for the freebie too!

With this haul, and yesterday's, that brings me pretty darn close to filling out all of the Action Comics and Superman 12¢ books, as I need only 12 more Actions and 16 more Supermans.  Hopefully by the end of the year I can finish off that mini-goal and be able to fully concentrate on the 10¢ books.

And what do the anagrams have to say?

     Superboy = Buy Ropes

     Superman = Man Purse

Not to much secret insight there.  Let's try the creators on these issues.

     Leo Dorfman = Elf Doorman

     Edmond Hamilton = Damned Monolith

     Al Plastino = Nasal Pilot

     Curt Swan = ...

Tread lightly on that last one, as there are some decidedly NSFW anagrams there.



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