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Low Content Mode Week, Anagram Style with Jonah Hex!

Entry posted by tomo · - 127 views

Lastly for this week of low content anagram fun, let's see what we can do with this latest round of purchases from the wilds of eBay.


A nice little run of high-grade Weird Western Tales featuring Jonah Hex!  Such good stuff.  I especially like this cover Weird Western Tales #25 from December 1974.


Jonah Hex riding out on horseback from a pit of quicksand!  How badass is that?!

Anyways, anagrams...

     Jonah Hex = ?

I got nothing here.  Hex is an enigma even in the world of anagrams.

     Weird Western Tales = Tawdriest Newsreel

Newsreels wouldn't be a thing for another 50 years in Hex's world, but I can only imagine that if they were around in the wild west, they would've been quite tawdry!

Have a great weekend everyone, thanks for reading!

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