Lady in White Collection Update



she's still running....

So Im two weeks into my new collecting target, and I've hit the ground running. I have 3 CGC slabs in my collection, one on the way and a raw Batman #227 that will get submitted for encapsulation very soon for my Gothic horror collection. Some of these books have very low #s on the census due to them not being super-collectible so when a book does come available I have to jump at it. There are a few low run/hard-to-find titles like Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love and Sinister House of Secret Love that can be found slabbed, but get pricey once they get to the 9.4+ grade.

So far my purchases have been very affordable, but that will be changing soon as the low hanging fruit are being plucked, but I will try to exhibit paitenece. A collection was not built in a day. I've walked away from three books so far that got up to "full market" price. Im all about the deal...

So far I have not hit on any of the "iconic" gothic covers (except for Batman #227). I would love to add one of them soon, espeially House of Secrets #88, which is easily the most recognized gothic horror cover out there, and is by the master Neal Adams.

I've attached my collection to date, my Batman #227 is a "mockup" just for consistency sake of the slabs.




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