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Feeling Blind

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My first Journal was simple. I had a through an dI wrote. Now, thoughts have been few and far between. My life opened and upended again. I am almost exactly where I started and better off for it. However, my collecting has changed, and I don't necessarily mean by grading company. Marvel lost me on all titles but two and that might change to one. I have been visiting more comic conventions in the hope to lose myself into my hobby. Ive been listening to inspirational messages and trying to create my own. My father died over a year ago and I lost the one person I ready everything to. I still read it to him, but now I get no answer.  


My last CGC book arrived in the Mail a measly 7.5, and I am ok with that. the cover is awesome and it is signed. Actually my last CGC book that arrived was sent to me by a friend that is currently over seas which means I will be missing him at Baltimore. That as I write I realize I have no reason to write a journal, or rather no direction to write a journal. I am just trying out this new format.  I am hoping I like it, because if I don't I most likely will fade away again.   My goals are still the same, to own a complete set of New Mutants in a 9.8 or better, something CGC made harder after adding a few second, third, and fourth prints. Not to mention 5th and 6th.  


Then there are the BIRTHDAY books. At first I limited myself to 45. Forty five was doable. 45 was clean...45 is not longer the amount I need. Now will Dell, Charlton, Archie, and a few others, I need over a 100.  some of these I am buying just to have. Others I hope will eventually be graded, but nothing less that a 9.2. do you realize how difficult it is to find some of these in the first place...


and then there is original artwork. Yes, this bug bit me. However I am trying to really limit myself to what I get. I currently own nine pages from New Mutants 15. Two are framed, the other seven need to be still, and two of those I only just got in the last month. 


Now if anyone could please help me with learning the new journals, I would appreciate that.


Image is from Buz Hasson who will be at the Baltimore Comic Con. I recommend seeing him for a commission. fullsizeoutput_e57.thumb.jpeg.96c4f71c563a10c20939ac2dc9e3498a.jpeg


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               it's good to have you back. As for helping on the new journals I am still getting use to them myself. I wish they would go back to the old format but you know they won't.  I was hoping you would be back in time to do your 30 in 30 days. Hopefully you won't fade out. Since the new format most of the people I really enjoyed reading have faded away.  I'm going to write a short journal tonight just to get a little more practice in.  It's good  to hear from you again.

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I got frustrated with the new journals early on and haven't been back...until now. I may have stick around, we'll see. Hope you come back soon. I agree with Rockblazer too, I miss all those I used to enjoy reading, including you.

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