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Off on vacation



This will be the only post this week, as I am officially on vacation.  Woo hoo!


My family and I will be joining up with my brother and his girlfriend to drive into the path of the solar eclipse this week.  We've been planning the trip for over a year, so fingers crossed that the weather holds.  

Even scheduling this trip so far out, we still didn't manage to snag a camp site that lies in the path of the totality of the eclipse, but we'll be pretty darn close in Kentucky on the banks of the Mississippi river.  If you hear some of the news reports, it's going to be like Woodstock in some of these places with as many 100,000 people funneling into these small towns in rural America.  Hopefully the cloud cover stays away and we'll be able to see it.  If my rig to join my camera and telescope works as planned, I should have some pics when I get back.  See you then!




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Hope you enjoyed the solar eclipse with your family!

I currently live and work in Atlanta, GA, so although we were located on the path of 100% totality viewing, we unfortunately had major cloud covering and could not see the corona, etc. during totality. However, it was an awesome experience to witness how dark and cool it became; the temperature dropped at least 10 degrees, street lights went on and the crickets started chirping along with birds and other species thinking it was night!

This is actually my "2nd" Total Solar Eclipse experience; I saw one in Rochester, NY like 25-30 years ago! I remember being in upper elementary school at the time!

Anyway, hope you have been enjoying your vacation with the fam!


-Professor Pecora

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Yeah, it was a lot of fun.  We ended up in Kevil, KY in a little local park that had a great unobstructed view of the southern sky. The weather cooperated in that we only had one tiny cloud that obscured the very beginning of the eclipse when the moon was just starting to obscure the sun.  I had my telescope set up, and my brother had his camera and GoPro up and running to catch the whole thing from beginning to end.

People came and went during the whole event, and we ended up watching it with people who came from as far away as Louisiana to view the eclipse.

It wasn't until after we got back home that we realized that we had all been bitten by some sort of mites or chiggers and between my wife, my son, and I...we probably have close to 1000 bites that itch like crazy on our arms and legs.  It's a shame, as the campsite we stayed in was very well maintained and landscaped, but I'm still itching a week later, so it's safe to say I'm probably never going back.

I took a look at the expected path for the next total solar eclipse in 2024, and it looks like the path of the totality is only about 10 miles from my house!

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