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Swamp Thing #14 and #15



Been a while, just been crazy busy at work and Summer activities. When you live in Minnesota you have to take advantage of time outdoors in the Summer. The good news is, I have finished up the rest of the Pasko run and ready to start Moore, can't wait. But first I am going to finish up the rest of the reviews of Pasko's run. 

Also picked up my own Swamp Thing!


Now on to the review of issues #14 and #15. Both issues are written by Dan Mishkin and the Art by Bo and Scott Hampton.

Cover Impressions:

Yates covers.



Swamp Thing #14 and #15 (June and July, 1983)

Cover Price: $.60
Title: Crystal Visions and Shattered Dreams/Empires Made Out of Sands
Writer-Dan Mishkin
Art-Bo and Scott Hampton (Cover: Yates)
Editor-Len Wein
Colorist-Tatjana Wood
Letterer-John Costanza

Also of note: The Phantom Stranger backups have been dropped as of issue #14. But the Phantom Stranger appears in both issues.

Issue Recap:

Issue 14 starts out with Swamp Thing finishing his rejuvenation in the  swamp where he was turned into Swamp Thing. Now being completely healed, he decides that he wants to be left alone for a bit before rejoining Liz, Dennis and Dr. Kay. Meanwhile a scientist named Nat Broder and his wife Sally are experimenting with computer chips (where Nat has made his fortune), however the experiment goes wrong and Nat is killed during the experiment. The company then decides to cover it up and dumps Nat's body out in the swamp. However Nat is not dead and has transformed into a crystal type of creature, anything he touches also turn in crystal. Soon Swamp Thing encounters Nat and the two battle ending with Swamp Thing defeated and turned into crystal. 

Issue 15 continues on from issue 14. Swamp Thing now back Broder Electronics is able to free himself. Once again Swampy and Nat battle but Swamp Thing is unable to defeat him. However Sally (with guidance from the Phantom Stranger) knows how to defeat Nat and plays an organ at the right frequency shattering him.  The issue ends with Swamp Thing saying his good-byes to Sally and moving on to and the Phantom Stranger reminiscing over the events over the last two issues.


Over all the two issues were okay. To me they were just two average fill in issues with guest creators. I'm not sure any of it will have any significance down the road.  

Grade: C



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