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Westy Steve


We're almost to real time now. My recap is winding to a close...I have two more books to show.  Here's the first: I bought this book sight unseen from a good friend.  I was absolutely stunned to open the box and see this.  I knew the grade but that was all.  I won't usually pay these kinds of dollars for a book (though I got a great friend-to-friend discount), but this is one that I've thought about buying for a few decades.  For the grade, it has everything going for it.  Nice centering, white pages, and almost no spine or staple stress.    


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Update:   I actually did sell this book to Dormian.  Then a few months later realize that probably wasn’t a good idea and replaced it with a 9.2 with white pages. Doesn’t have the beauty of the 9.4 but it’s a pretty nice copy and I’m happy with it.

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